10 Places For Best Milkshakes In Delhi

Very few things can save a drowning day. And a good milkshake is one of them. Read on to discover some places which will give you your best milkshake experience ever!

  1. Shake Square, Connaught Place
Places Best Milkshakes Delhi
Places Best Milkshakes Delhi

The name might have changed, but the taste remains the same. This is our own Keventers, serving milkshakes in large quantities and reasonable prices. The flavours might be old but the taste tickles your tongue each time you have it. Some things are just perfect the way they always have been!


  1. Diggin, Anand Lok

Places Best Milkshakes Delhi

This is a stunning place where you will find the shakes worth drooling for. It has a good mix of the conventional flavours and new ones, all of them extremely tasty and filling. Must visit!


  1. Woodbox Café, Satya Niketan

Places Best Milkshakes Delhi

There’s nothing like sitting in the open with a big glass of chocolate milkshake. Woodbox café gives you the pleasure of mouth-watering food with an amazing ambience, and an option to sit in the open too! Try the pan shake for giving some unique experience to your tastebuds.

  1. The Big Chill, Khan Market

Places Best Milkshakes Delhi

This place has earned some fabulous reviews in recent times, and it’s not without a reason. For the shakes- perfect is the word. Beautiful presentation and warm hospitality, this place will give you an experience worth remembering!


  1. The All American Diner, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road

Places Best Milkshakes Delhi

A very different and colourful ambience welcomes you when you enter this shake-worthy café. The quality of shakes will exceed your expectations. They are really thick, and each granule has immense amount of taste. A definite value for money!


  1. Billu’s Hut, Netaji Subhash Place

Places Best Milkshakes Delhi

Who said vendors don’t sell quality food? Billu’s hut has set a benchmark for big cafes in terms of quality and taste. The huge variety of chocolate milkshakes makes this place a must visit for all sweet toothed people. Visit for some pocket-friendly, stomach-filling milkshakes!

  1. Social Offline, hauz Khas

Places Best Milkshakes Delhi

This place has some phenomenal food and milkshakes. And not just a variety of shakes, it has a variety of ambience too! It’s your wish if you want to sit in the open, or in a dhaba-style ambience, or simply on chairs and tables. The shakes are extremely rich in taste and will make sharing difficult for you.


  1. Big Yellow Door, North and South Campus

Places Best Milkshakes Delhi

BYD has created an amazing image for itself, thanks to the top-quality food and the chic ambience. In all probability, you won’t be able to finish even one shake. The quantity will make you go crazy, and so will the taste. Go for it!

  1. Ricos, GTB Nagar
Places Best Milkshakes Delhi
Places Best Milkshakes Delhi

This one is for all the students out there! The lovely, unique ambience welcomes you and then arrive the taste-tantalizers! The shakes promise to be yummy beyond imagination, and so will be the prices.


  1. The Vanilla Bean Co, Satya Niketan


The ferreros await to rocher you! This place makes the most commonly available shakes special, with its unique and filling taste. And don’t go by the name. it has vanilla and much much more!



Places Best Milkshakes Delhi
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