Celebrating 2 Years Of Delhi Food Legacy Via Delhi Pavilion

Being a true blue delhite, food runs in my veins, you may or may not understand the love for food each delihite has. Delhi has been through a lot of cultural transformations and some of them have left their footprints in the form of cuisines & delicacies, the classics, like Gosht Nihari  or Haleem which instantly reminds us of bustling yet lively streets of purani Dilli. Sheraton Saket will take you to a virtual trip down the streets of purani dilli through Delhi Pavillion, a restaurant which showcases Delhi’s Culinary diversities, without compromising the original taste. We visited it 2 years ago too, when it was just launched and Yesterday the restaurant celebrated 2 year anniversary and I am elated to tell you all that the food hasn’t changed a bit in terms of taste & presentation, it has only gotten better !

Delhi Pavilion

The menu is diverse and extensive , though they chose the best for the tasting session. It was a delightful spread of delhi’s street food as well as some mughalai delicacies.

We started off with an assorted platter of chaat – it had Raj kachori, Karara Palak Chat & Ram Laddoo. Raj Kachori & Karara palak chaat. I have tasted palak patta chaat before also but most of the times encountered a dish that is either soggy or oily, but this one was extremely fresh with beautiful blend of chutney’s & creamy yogurt. A great starter I must add !

Delhi Pavilion

Then we moved on to my favourite – Delhi fish Fry, the fish had a soft light texture with crispy coating. It wasn’t oily or too spicy. Sometimes spices overpower the taste and kill it to an extent. Keeping everything balanced is a skill, and it showed in both Fish fry and Seekh mirza. Melt-in-your-mouth texture and perfectly seasoned.

Seekh mirza

Dal Delhnavi is our good old moong dal, served with biscuti roti and condiments. The bowl came garnished with pickled ginger julienne, green chilli & roasted cumin. It was light with no grease or oil floating on the surface. The biscuti roti had a slight sweet taste that paired perfectly with the smooth texture of dal and heat coming from the ginger & green chilis. A perfect comfort food.

Dal Delhnavi

Butter chicken needs no introduction, it is one of those classic dishes with cult following. The dish wasn’t bland or overly sweet, which is what you get to taste in most of the places these days. The spice blend was amazing and kept me going back for more. Chicken pieces were small and juicy. One of the best butter chickens i have eaten in a long time , I must add.

Butter chicken

Gosht Nihari, A classic dish made of lamb shanks, flavoured with saffron & brown onions. It was served with khamiri roti & sweet bread (Sheermal). I never expected that such a flavourful dish can taste that good with a sweet bread, but it did ! Meat was tender and falling off the bones without any effort.

Gosht Nihari

We rounded up the tasting with a bite in dariba jaleba with a dollop of rabri. Firing was equally satisfying with just the right amount of sweetness.

Now if you ask whether I will go back for more, answer will always be a YES. This is my 6th or 7th visit to the restaurant and I can see myself re-visiting it very soon. Kudos to the team that managed to retain and amplify the taste of Delhi !

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