How To Check Fake Followers On Instagram

6 months ago I started following one account on instargam, I kept on checking page randomly. 3 days back when I went to the same page I saw a sudden hike in followers. Then I decided to write about How To Check Fake Followers On Instagram. So that everybody can check any profile and see how they are gaining? Fake or Genuine

Simply start with checking how engaged the user’s followers are. Are their followers commenting and liking posts? But this can only give you an idea about the page, by this method you cant be so sure. Because few genuine pages grew organically and then stopped posting for few months, then when they start posting again you will see very less engagement on their pages

Every Account has some fake followers / Bots which keep on adding to most active pages automatically, but the numbers are very less (it can be Up To 5 – 10 %) % might vary (this is my personal observation after using instagram for almost 2 years)

There are a few ways to tell if someone has fake followers.

A Sudden Hike In Followers

Its very much known by everyone whoever uses instagram that its not easy to increase followers unless you are popular, Star or God. You can see even big brands also struggle to gain followers on instagram. So if you see an unusual spike in Followers of any page it could be buying fake followers.

Low engagement / Interaction With Follower

You will see few pages with over 50k followers but when you check their posts its like 200 / 300 / 400 likes only. Their low engagement percentage shows their followers are not showing interest in their posts… so you can easily recognize that its either paid or fake followers (Super Low Influence on their followers)

Note: Most of the sponsored posts will autumnally get low likes and comments coz most of the times followers don’t want to see anything which doesn’t interest them

Followers With No Profile Pics

Very simple way to check, just go to any account and see their followers. Scroll down to at least 300 / 400 followers and if you see many followers with no account activity or profile pic, chances are very high that these accounts are“dead accounts”

There are so many websites / Tolls are available to help you see the analytics easily.. See here: How To Check Instagram Analytics

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