Movie Review – Tamasha

Star cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone.

Director: Imtiaz Ali.

Imtiaz Ali’s latest Tamasha is a romantic drama film. Thee story is exclusively about a guy, Ved, who just like a typical middle class brought up boy forgoes his inner self and succumbs to the pressure of working and earning for a livelyhood. The cocoon shatters when he meets Tara, yet another lovely character played by Deepika. Corsica is the place where Ved and Tara live the lives of imaginary characters. Ved who is an explicit story teller creates a magical world around Tara. Completely forgetting the deal which happens between them of not involving emotionally, Tara falls for him. On returning India, Tara realises that nobody can replace the magic of that person who was totally strange to her.

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It is wonderful to see how she manages to survive 4 years without him and finally is able to locate him in India. This is the turning point in the film when we expect Ved to be as enjoyable n happy on finding Tara. To our astonishment we see Ved as mediocre, middle class Indian youth just doing mediocre things…. In office… home….everywhere.

To her shock this was not person, she had waited for. She refuses his proposal. Her rejection gives a blow to his outer shell and through the cracks slowly comes out the real Ved. We see Ved transform from a regular office goer to a person who he always wanted to, an explicit story teller. Performing with his full passion.

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