Places For Your Midnight Craving


  1. cheap accutane for sale FOOD SCOUTS, RAJOURI GARDEN

Get delicious fresh food sitting in the comfort of your home! This outlet has some wonderful options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. These scouts will deliver the food you super-fast and super tasty! It’s open from 12 in the noon to 4 in the night.


  1. can i order prednisone online BUN INTENDED

Burger craving? This bun-ilicious place is your answer. Open from 7 pm to 4 am, Bun Intended has some gourmet based burgers and other delicacies. The burgers are massive! And flavours set just right on your tongue. Happy burger-ing to you!


  1. go here MAAL GAADI, GURGAON

If you crave for a full fledged meal in the wee hours of night, this is the place for you. The perfect Butter Chicken and Naan, along with a huge menu offering tongue-drooping meals is what defines this place. Open till 3 in the night, this is the saviour for the midnight hunger.



Midnight Craving delhi

One of the few places which deliver milkshakes in the best possible form! The Batman is sure to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger at reasonable prices. And it is open till 5 AM! The meals are scrumptious, and very wide in variety. Call in the Batman ASAP!



Cupid strikes for wonderful taste and beautiful presentation, when you order food from this outlet. The food will reach you well in time, and it will be a treat! And it is practically open till 6 in the morning. Order from here to optimise your money and stomach.


  1. 24*7 FOOD COURT, JNU

A favorite among the the students, this place is what you call value for money. Both dine in and home delivery is available, so you get to choose your way. The food is reasonably priced and great in taste. The higlight- you get Street food late at night! Must order for a great experience.


So the next time you feel those elephants pounding in your stomach, dial away to restaurants and get your hunger satiated!


Midnight Craving delhi
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