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Food has always fascinated me. I go weak on knees when it comes to food. I love to explore, taste and review new restaurants. And so in my way to explore something new I went to this multi cuisine restaurant TALLI SINGH.

As the name Talli Singh itself defines about the place. As fancy is the name as fancy is the place. Talli Singh is a place where all you can be in peace and think about food and drinks.

Coming to the Talli Singh ambience, it is a two floored dimly lit restaurant with a pleasant, calm and soothing environment. The area looked pretty contemporary with all raw wooden furniture and soft English music. The cushions had funny and catchy tag lines. Colored chairs stood out in the dim light. Open kitchen was a plus point; the kitchen was so neatly and tidily maintained ensuring the quality of the food.

Talli Singh
Talli Singh




The menu is nicely structured that in one reading you will get the clear picture of the dishes with a pinch of Punjabi tadka in names.

We couldn’t decide what to eat and what not as everything seemed so amazing, and on the other hand we so not wanted to miss the best they have, so we asked the manager to help us in making choice between the dishes.

The lunch started with the prawn tempura, trust me as classy is the name, as classy was the dish.

Prawns Tempura - Talli Singh
Prawns Tempura

The prawns were so juicy, crunchy and cooked nicely. The color of the dish itself was so fascinating. When we ate it we could feel the crispiness, that crunch of the dish easily. It was definitely the best dish to start our lunch with.


Then came the smiling waiter with a fresh summer time drinks, the lychee mint smoothie and water-melon fizz. The drinks were so light, fresh and soothing. In this hot weather we often feel dehydrated but trust me these drinks are an energy booster, indeed the best thing to get started with.

Lychee Mint Smoothie and Watermelon Fizz - Talli Singh
Lychee Mint Smoothie and Watermelon Fizz


Then we were ordered veg-nanzza, as we were quite impressed by the name but to our surprise it was veg-pizza, it was a thin crust pizza topped with fresh broccoli, capsicum, tomatoes and cheese. It had a homemade taste and was quite filling. Though we didn’t find anything unique about it. It was like an usual pizza.

thumbnail_veg-nanzza- Talli Singh


Then came our next dish, sticky chicken finger, it was like a chilly potato given a new chicken avatar. It was juicy inside and had sweet and sour taste. The presentation was remarkable.. Your mouth gets loaded with juicy chicken when you eat this. Taste was good. A juicy chicken stick can be a good snack time food.

thumbnail_sticky-chicken-finger-Talli Singh


Desi lucy burger, When we saw it,it was like the usual burger but when tasted it was so huge that we were not able to eat it in one go,the tikki was great with some new flavour,the desi taste could easily be felt but was presented in european manner. The salad and French fries were like a support system to it. It turned out really tasty and appetizing, though at the same time created a mess in my plate.

thumbnail_desi-lucy-burger-Talli Singh

. …

Coming to another dish, Cristie Dim-Sum Sea Food, dimsums were served with soya sauce and red chilli sauce, it was taken care that the person who eats less chilly can go for sweet onion and the one who needs some spicy dip can choose the other. The dim sums were cooked quite well and the taste was of a pure authentic Chinese. But we doubt about the quantity. When only 4 pcs of such an amazing dish is served who won’t like to grab it. Though it would be bit difficult if you are a huge group as it may come as a war sign,beware.

thumbnail_cristie-dim-sum-seafood-Talli Singh


Till then we were done with our drinks but the manager wanted us to try two more drinks i.e. apple cinnamon tango and the other one was betel smack mojito, we were served non alcoholic versions. What a taste, the presentation was so appericiable, the drinks were so luscious. We could feel the cinnamon and apple boost in apple cinnamon tango .smack mojito was no less Even if you drink one full bottle you won’t feel full. Perfect summer time drink.

thumbnail_betel-smack-mojito-and-apple-cinnamon-tango-Talli Singh

Coming to the last starter, well yes we tried hell lot of dishes and don’t get surprised there is lot more to read now.coming to our last starter, The name was corn fujia, corn fujia was a usual dish where corns are fried and represented in a different way but was a bit salty, didn’t find it much interesting.

thumbnail_corn-fujia-Talli Singh


Coming to the main course, I was served with nashi goreng which was very filling platter. Malaysian Rice with chicken, accompanied with fried egg, chicken satay along with peanut sauce made it heavenly. .

nashy-gogeny-Talli Singh
Talli Singh

Presentation of the dish was inexplicable.

Lastly I was served steamed rice with chicken .the rice was very soft and tasty. The Indian-Chinese chicken is a treat for all the meat lovers. It was spicy and sweet, it got a crunch from the flour coating over the chicken and the capsicum, and it was quite delicious. The thick gravy was done by the capsicum and cashew nut making it bit sweet too. I liked the concept of giving it a new and different flavor. We appreciate the chef for creating such an out of the box dish and making it amazing.

thumbnail_steam-rice-Talli Singh

kung-pao-chicken-Talli Singh


How can our meal be completed without dessert,after all a dessert to meal is what a jewellery to a woman.

We were served rasmalais which were cold badam flavoured and quite spongy making it perfect in each bite. And choco lava cake with ice cream. I’m a dessertarian and when I tasted it honeslty it felt like heaven,you can feel chocolate in evry bite,what a combination. You cannot miss Chocó lava of Talli Singh for sure.

thumbnail_rasmalai-Talli Singh

Talli Singh
Talli Singh

The restaurant was amazing; no doubt they ensured quality in their food. Though they need to create some more dishes with variances. It was a good experience and will definitely re-visit.

Talli Singh

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