Top 10 Thali Restaurants in Delhi

No matter the variety of food you may eat, you’d want to come back to the classic ‘daal roti’ and ‘sabji’. In that regard, nothing beats a jam-packed Thali, which includes all the ingredients needed for a scrumptious and wholesome meal. Various Indian flavours can be experienced in a Thali. Here are a few Thali Restaurants Delhi

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Andhra Bhawan

Renowned South Indian Thali from Andhra Bhawan is just the right thing to get when you have to satisfy your hunger needs. The ambience is loud as you were to experience in a canteen, but the food here is exemplary. The Thali includes Lemon Rice, Rasam, Vegetables, Gunpowder, Ghee, Papad, Puri and a dessert dish to end the meal brilliantly. Eat at this endless refill restaurant. Waiters are quick to catch you and bring you food despite the rush.

Situated at Ashoka Road, Connaught Place, a meal would generally cost you Rs. 400 for two.


Assam Bhawan

Also known as Jakoi, this hidden restaurant in Chanakyapuri, this aesthetically pleasing canteen is priced slightly more than others. Although, the quantity in one Thali surely makes up for it as you almost always will have to share. Outdoors are full of verdant foliage and wooden benches transports you to Assam. Assamese flavours are quite varied compared to what you may eat normally. The Thali includes Dal, scrumptious duck or pigeon curry, steamed fish, fish curry, rice, vegetables and sweets.

Located in Sardar Patel Marg in Chanakyapuri, a meal costs Rs. 700 for two people.


Nagaland House

Unfamiliar flavours from Nagland are definitely worth a try. You have boiled meats and vegetables you won’t normally see. Unlike other non-chichi establishments includes a formal dining section with lace mats. Unforgiving for the vegetarians, this place attracts the meat-eaters. There are various Thalis, such has the Pork Rib Thali. All ingredients used in cooking the Thalis are native to Nagaland, such as, bamboo shoot, dry fish, variety of chilies which make a unique blend of chutney providing a rich flavour to the food.

Aurangzeb Road, near Delhi Race Course is where this restaurant rests where a meal costs Rs. 420 for two.


Sarvana Bhawan

All know of this place for their tasteful dosas. Well, they go beyond their dosas as well with their wholesome Thalis which authentic, South Indian. The right amount of spices in the perfectly cooked meal, the Thali is packed with all the essential delicacies of the South. Tasty desserts such as Jalebis and Ras Malai, and food including a variety of vegetables, papad and mini idlis which just go so well with the sweet and sour chutney!

P-block of Connaught Place circle, you would pay around 400 for a meal for two people.


Rajdhani Thali Restaurant

The Thali here includes flavours from Gujrat and Rajasthan bringing out your smile as you enter and leave fulfilled eating their flavoursome Thalis. Chock-full of true Gujrati and Rajasthani delicacies includes dal-baati-churma which is especially satiating! These flavours are usually tough to find in Delhi, serves one of the best vegetarian buffets.

A meal here costs about 900 for two people and is located at Atmaram Mansion, Scindia House, Connaught Place.



Known for their Gujrati Thali, lively atmosphere this restaurant makes for a great stop after shopping in Karol Bagh. You get exceptional quality and huge quantity in these Thalis. And if you’re one to spend a whole day in Karol Bagh, you can go for a meal twice in one-day because you can’t get enough of it.

Ajmal Khan Road, opposite lane to Roopak Store, the meal costs roughly 500 for two people.


Yeti The Himalayan Kitchen

Bringing the Himalayan ambience to Delhi, with its traditional setting, soothing music and speedy service, you get authentic Tibetan treats. Gyuma. Shaptah. Tingmoh among others are dishes to expect here along with delicious chutneys. For all experimenting tasters, this place is hardly disappointing, quite the contrary it’s exemplary.

Resting on the second floor, 50A, in Hauz Khas Village, a little pricey but appetising food costs around Rs. 1200 for two.


Enjoy these tasteful places with engaging atmospheres right in the capital!

Thali Restaurants Delhi
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