10 Best Molecular Gastronomy Restaurants in Delhi

This is a new and very innovative experience of dining. Molecular Gastronomy Restaurants describe a unique style of cooking where in the chefs explores the possibilities of innovative cooking procedures using tools from the science lab and also ingredients from the food industry.

Molecular cuisine is not simple cooking. They usually end up giving unforgettable and surprising experiences.

It is something like effortlessly marrying local flavours with international techniques. This is reaching new heights and Indian restaurants are grabbing the basics well moving forward towards expertise the same. Best Molecular Gastronomy Restaurants in Delhi

  1. The Smoke House Room

the smokehouse room 

What makes this restaurant very unique in the capital city is its hardcore molecular gastronomy. If you like being surprised, then this is the place to visit; wait till you taste. They use progressive techniques to meld flavours that none would have ever imagined to combine.

They also have an excellent cocktail menu.

  1. Azimuth


This restaurant is attached to the popular music venue, New Delhi’s blueFROG. This is another place where you get to taste flavours borrowed from laboratory to experiment with textures and flavours.

You get to taste Indian flavours and also some different tasting non-vegetarian options too.

  1. Farzi Café


Farzi Cafe in Gurgoan has quickly grown into popularity due to its molecular gastronomy method of reinventing Indian flavours. The international dishes with Indian flavours are presented with all surprising elements in them.

A candy of dehydrated pan is a must try here.

  1. Indian Accent

Indian Accent 

Indian Accent in Delhi is highly acclaimed restaurants with full of experiments yet the flavours are tastes are familiar.

Indian Accent is a restaurant that is redefining Indian cuisine successfully. Their menu is inspired by various Indian regional cuisines along with street food.

  1. Monkey Bar

monkey bar 

Chef Manu Chandra is the star of the show at Monkey Bar. One gets to experience playful, familiar and fun tastes at Monkey Bar. The cocktails are spiked with the familiar traditional flavours like tamarind, aam panna, kala khatta, which seems perfect.

The local dishes from several communities are also well loved at this restaurant.

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