10 Weird Things You Find Only In India

India is a beautiful land of unique culture in various parts of the country. Yet there are weird practices and instances that happen only in India and nowhere else.

  1. Crowded Trains

Weird Things You Find Only In India 

The train journey in India is one of its kinds. India’s railways network is the 4th largest in the world. Yet people are always found hanging out of the railway boogie doors while moving.

As soon as the rail arrives at the platform, all hell breaks loose. People try to get out and get in at a time creating an unnecessary chaos.


  1. Reservation Based On Caste

Weird Things You Find Only In India 

Everything works based on caste system in India, although the trend is changing in educated people. But right from education, job, and appointment positions, party tickets, vote bank, major things works based on caste and reservation.

This creates a very disheartening situation of a well deserving candidate loosing a seat in a top college under general category.


  1. Wedding Photo Shoot

Weird Things You Find Only In India 

This can happen only in India. The poor bride is made to move away from the frame, so that the groom and his friends can get posing all together.

Looks like the groom just realised that he lost his bachelorhood and eventually will lose his friends too.

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