5 Best Sushi Joints In Delhi

Who doesn’t like a good dip into a dish of sushi? If you too crave for some relishing sushi every other day, these 5 Best Sushi Joints Delhi!

  1. Noshi, Greater Kailash

5 Best Sushi Joints Delhi

This outlet provides fresh (yes, FRESH!) sushi at your doorstep. The packing is impeccable. They even provide icepacks beneath the food, so that the right temperature is maintained. The taste will make sure that you order that you order it the next day too. A personal recommendation will be the Crystal Duck dimsums. As interesting the name, so is the dish. There is only takeaway or delivery available, so plan accordingly. But this place is highly recommended!


  1. Asia Seven, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

5 Best Sushi Joints Delhi

A perfectly lit ambience with exotic flavors of sushi and other continental food awaits you! After having a good day at the Ambience Mall, your hunger will be well served by this superb quality place! Authenticity speaks as you taste the Philadelphia Sushi Rolls this place offers. The staff is extremely courteous and you will be surprised by the hospitality. Visit right away!


  1. Sushi House Mafia, Sector 29, Gurgaon

5 Best Sushi Joints Delhi

If you want to have n experience of a food truck offering delicious sushi, turn your eyes towards this little truck of taste. Go in for the California Rolls, they will take your breath away! The food is served hot and blends right with your tongue to produce the perfect flavor. You will be provided a decent environment with some good music playing by the side. All in all, visit this place the next time you are in Gurgaon for some lovely dishes of sushi.

  1. Asian Haus, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon

5 Best Sushi Joints Delhi

A long list of delicious options to choose from, and each of them tasting magical- that is Asian Haus for you. With such wide variety of continental food available, it is difficult to maintain the taste of each of them. But this joint has to be appreciated in its success in doing so. They have achieved perfection in their asparagus sushi. A must visit for all the continental food lovers out there!


  1. The Fatty Bao, RK Puram

5 Best Sushi Joints Delhi

Save those sushi cravings for probably the best sushi you will find in town. This beautiful place is sure to set your tongues go gaga with its one-of-a-kind experience of sushi. Every penny you spend on the food will be worthwhile, as you taste the Dragon Roll and the Prawn tempura sushi. And the ambience will make your day a perfect one. Go in for a perfect eating experience!


5 Best Sushi Joints Delhi
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