Best College Canteens In DU  

Ask any college alumni on what the best some portion of their school life or what their best memory was from those college years, the answers would resound with comparability. A portion of the best fellowships and most treasured recollections were made battling about that last chomp of samosa, settling bills doing “jugaad” with the flask bhaiya or bunking class to simply hang out in the bottle… Best College Canteens DU

Kamla Nehru College
kamla-nehru-college Best College Canteens DU  
Best College Canteens DU


Get some information about the things she cherishes about her school and the bottle is certain to be on the rundown. With a wide assortment and simple on the pocket costs, KNC ostensibly has one of the best flasks in Delhi University. The zone begins with the principle container and seating region stretching out to an outside seating space flanked by a Nescafe slow down on one side and a Coca Cola Station on the other and in the long run paving the way to the Chaupal (amphitheater). When you are here, don’t pass up a great opportunity for the Shahi Paneer and Butter Naan and the Pav Bhaji. Different specialities incorporate Cheese Pasta, Masala Dosa, Chicken Roll and French Fries. Taste it down with some frappe from the Nescafe slow down or some kulhad wali lassi from the fundamental flask.


St. Stephens College

st-stephens-college Best College Canteens DU  


On the off chance that more abnormal strolls into Stephens and request the container, the reaction will be met with a gaze and an ordinary redress since “it’s bistro, not flask”. The bistro is the center point of the school, pulling in old Stephanians who continue returning for the nourishment. Much the same as the distinctive name, the nourishment is additionally served uncommonly in china porcelain with forks and blades. Aside from the nourishment, the crisp natural product juices should be a genuine hit.

Hans Raj College

hans-raj-college Best College Canteens DU  


Used to being a main school of the nation and exceeding expectations in each scholastic field, how could Hans raj conceivable that it would be abandoned in the rankings for the top containers? Coming number one on this rundown, Hansraj is acclaimed for its new, hygienic container sustenance and shoddy costs. Understudies have additionally refreshing how “huge” the flask is, and for its capacity to hold countless without feeling swarmed.

Hindu College

hindu-college Best College Canteens DU  


Hindu College has been acknowledged for its cleanliness and crisp and hygienic nourishment. It is additionally one of only a handful couple of universities to have both vegan and non-veggie lover alternatives on its menu. Hindu is commended for its huge bottle corridor, which can hold a not too bad limit of individuals on the double. At the point when contrasted with different schools, Hindu is known not a bigger assortment on its menu as well.

Sri Venkateswara College

sri-venkateswara-college Best College Canteens DU  


The menu contains a collection of dishes and running from the most scrumptious dosas to idlis, chowmein, seared rice, chole bhature, pav bhaji, crisp potato, thalis and gulab jamuns. The dosas however are the stars here, the cook being a sagar ratna cook in the past. We get a wide range of dosas from the straightforward paper and masala dosa to the exceptionally unique paneer and mysore dosa. The value scope of the sustenance things is additionally amazingly take well disposed. In refreshments, we have tea, espresso and a wide range of juices, chilly beverages and milkshakes.


Best College Canteens DU
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