7 Best Restaurants in Delhi that serve authentic Bihari food

Regional cuisines that bring the traditional and cultural touch along with them are many in India. Rajastahni, Kashmiri, Bihari, South Indian; these authentic cuisines vary a lot from each other. Delhi is a hub for all these traditions and you get to enjoy whatever you crave for. If you are searching for Bihari food Delhi, then here is a short list of restaurants that serve authentic Bihari food. They serve the best delicious Bihari Litti Chokha and other Bihari dishes.

The Potbelly Rooftop Café
Bihari food Delhi
Bihari food Delhi

This is one place where you get home style food. If you are missing your mom-made home cooked food, then visit The Potbelly Rooftop Café not just for Litti Chokha, but for many more authentic Bihari food.

The Bihari style ghugni, khichdi, kadi, veg and non-veg chaaps and special Bihari thali are must try. You should also order their special-Bihari lassi, Satu Cooler.

A full meal at The Potbelly Rooftop Café will cost Rs 800 for two people, which is worth the taste of their delicacies.


Bhoj Baat

Bihari food Delhi

Bhoj Bhaat is a great place to taste the authentic Bihari dishes.

Dalpithi, Litti chokha, Motihari Ka Taas, Rasdar Murga, Aaloo Kathal, Arva Bhaat and Bhoj Bhaat special Veg Thali are all must try. So, don’t forget to order them.

They have amazing desserts to try.


Bihar Bhawan

Bihari food Delhi

Bihar Bhawan is a canteen like place where you should almost everything they offer. The place is usually crowded as the food is delicious and affordable.

It is the standard Bihari Litti Chokha that makes this place very famous. Other Bihari dishes such as Ghuguni, Sattu Sharbat and few Bihari sweets are worth trying at this place.


Magadh and Awadh

Bihari food Delhi

Magadh and Awadh have a perfectly crafted menu with quality taking priority in their food taste. The must have items here are  Tali Hui Machli, Bhuna Maans, Matar Makhane Wali Paneer, Backha and Pakori Platter, Litti With Mutton and Veg Thali.

The traditional rice pudding from Bihar, Rasia is a special item at Magadh and Awadh.


Café Wanderlust

Bihari food Delhi

It is considered that at Café Wanderlust, the the Litti Chokha served is the most traditional and tastes true. The Litti Chokha is served with green mint-coriander chutney and mango-pickle.

Along with the typical Litti Chokha, sip their special Adrak wali Chai.



Bihari food Delhi

The best rated Litti that is available in the city is got at this place. They serve the iconic dish of Bihar, the Litti Chokha in three different variants – Veg Litti Chokha, Litti Chicken and Litti Mutton.

The crisp freshly baked litti is their pride. The mustard oil aroma makes it truly authentic.

Along with litti, they also serve Sattu Parathas which are equally delicious.



Bihari food Delhi

This is not a restaurant, but a humble food stall where you get the best litti you would have ever tastes.

The crisp litti fried till they are of a beautiful golden brown colour, stuffed with spices and accompanied with the authentic Aloo or Baingan Chokha is the favourite for many litti lovers of the vicinity.


Bihari food Delhi
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