Cafe Dalal Street – Connaught Place, Delhi

Cafe Dalal Street

Connaught place is known as the heart of Delhi, not just because it enjoys the central location but also for numerousness things like shopping in best and cheap markets, searching for best seller books, myriad of street food and new cafes and restaurants, giving us a world of options to choose from.

Hopping around in search of new place to chill, we couldn’t go anywhere but CP. While searching we found this restaurant named cafe dalal street.



Cafe dalal street is located at M-89/90, outer circle, opposite Shankar market, CP. We were so attracted by this name and decided to try this cafe, and we actually made good decision, *proud me*.

the friendly staff welcomed us with a smile, the decor was ancient and classic with everything’s done wooden giving it the feel of an old-world whisky bar in Europe;. The route map, books lying on shelf with chain hangings sculptures making you feel all great about this place.

We also learnt about the beer pong festival going, well this not only sounds interesting but once you are part of it, you just can come back from that place without a smile. They even have introduced a new stock exchange concept; where instead of share market and stocks, prices of liquor fluctuates. We just couldn’t stop to awe about this place but then food and drinks were waiting for us,

We started with the drinks (alcoholic drinks),

Khamma Ghani

khamma-khani- Cafe Dalal Street

The name of the drink itself is so fascinating that it actually takes you to Rajasthan feels. This drink was a mixture of vodka, thandal elderflower and vanilla. It was so bittersweet and flavorous;. It was so bittersweet and flavorous you could feel the vodka mixed thandai in every sip

Beer Bliss

beer-bliss- Cafe Dalal Street

There were so many options that we got confused and asked waiter for help, he suggested us this drink and well we were flown away with this drink. It was a red beauty presented with apple. It contained beer, rum. Strawberry, mint and apple giving you a fresh feel with populous flavours.

Coming to the food,

Following are the food and drinks we had,

Gol-Gappa Shots

gol-gappa-shots- Cafe Dalal Street

Well this was presented like vodka shot with mint water in glasses and gol-gappa on top, containing, pomegranate, potatoes and channa. It was tasty and perfect to start off our lunch.

BBQ Chicken Burger


It was served with colourful small bugs making it awe for. Chicken inside the buns were grilled to perfection and were so creamy and soft, it was so appetizing and delicious, making it perfect with French fries and lettuce.

Well that’s not it with gol-gappas; we were even served with two more verities of it, i.e.

Butter Chicken Gol-Gappa


It was served with gol-gappas, sautéed chicken in a small bowl and makhani gravy, we just had to assemble everything and gobbled it. It was very yummy, I never expected it to be tasty as I was confused how chicken will go with gol-gappa but it was really yummy and luscious.

Shahi Paneer Gol-Gappa

paneer-gol-gappa-Cafe Dalal Street

It looked so tempting, served with gol-gappas, sautéed paneer and veggies in a small bowl and makhani gravy; you just need to assemble it and eat. It was so tasty and delicious, even better than the chicken one, a must have dish. A remarkable fusion of street & main course north Indian food.

While we decided to try one more drink named,

Indian Bulldog

indian-bulldog-Cafe Dalal Street

This was a hero drink. It was a perfect blend of vodka, aampanna, nutmeg and beer. It was a savoury drink with perfect presentation and taste. A refreshing drink with perfect taste.

Chettinad Chicken With Malabar Parathas

chicken-with-malabar-paratha-Cafe Dalal Street

A small size Malabar parathas made in cone form served with         chettinad chicken tossed in thick gravy making it a hero dish. You could feel the flavours by the aroma itself. It was so delicious, filling and delightful. Well call me *bhukkad* but I couldn’t resist to order one more plate of this. Don’t miss to order this dish if you visit this place.

Work Tossed Crispy Idli

idli-Cafe Dalal Street

It was fried idli sautéed in coconut chutney, curry powder, chilly and curry leaves. It wasn’t that good and you could only feel curry leaves in every bite. It was dull and bland.

We were done with our dishes and waiting for the desserts, the manager invited us to play beer pong tournament, and without hesitating we just rushes to the centre to play it. It was such a fun game making you high if you lose. This was the best part as you meet so many new people while playing as they need 4 or more to play it. You really need to visit soon to cafe dalal street so that you don’t miss this fun game.

pong-Cafe Dalal Street

My life begins with desserts; I just can’t end my lunch without it. It’s funny how things don’t turn out for me without a dessert and well I didn’t have to wait for it and my dessert came,it named,


It was a bigger and straight form of jalebi served with sugar coatings and vanilla and chocolate on the top. It was really tasty and new. The hot chocolate was going perfect with the churros making it divine and delish.

It is a fun place to chill with your mates. They provide you with awesome music and service letting you forget everything and enjoy. A must visit place.

Cafe Dalal Street
Written By Rashmi Tiwari
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