Canteen Till I Die – Satyaniketan – Review & Experience

”Nowadays increase in so much of taxes makes us think twice that should we spend here or not. But launch of new cafes makes us greedy to try them out.! Isn’t? “

CANTEEN TILL I DIE Is one such pocket – friendly cafe which is easy to locate at SatyaNiketan. A must visit if you really want quality food and beverage at affordable prices! Yes, this is a fact that they do have excellent quality in their food!!! Now wherever we visit cafes overcharge a lot even for a regular coke. But here, they offer you the same at low prices!!! They offer the best shakes at SatyaNiketan without any compromises with the quantity. It is a perfect place and highly recommended to be visited with your friends and also with your family where you pay minimum to get maximum and very fantastic taste with nice ambience.

It is a small cozy place with sufficient sitting for people. The best and unique thing about this cafe is its concept of ‘open kitchen’. There was one corner decorated with folded pages of books written ‘CANTEEN’ ! Innovative idea it is! The ambience is great and lively. Good and latest music tracks were being played. The wall hangings were attractive and different quotes were written on them, which was very catchy and appropriate for food lovers. The Staff was welcoming but limited as I could only see one girl serving everyone, which was a drawback.

Canteen Till I Die

Canteen Till I Die

Canteen Till I Die

On being asked to the owner “Why such low prices?” I was told that they have been through college days and at times you want to spend money on good food and cafes but due to insufficient pocket money we are not able to. So their main ‘motto’ was to provide Good Quality food at low prices. They also know that how much students love Mayonise with everything so they have kept mayonise and ketchup at every table. Little little things at Canteen Till I Die has been taken care of!

So while I was there I ended up ordering a lot of things as their prices attracted me so much!! The food and beverage I ordered are -;



ferrero-rocher-shake-Canteen Till I Die

Well who doesn’t love Ferrero Rocher? It’s everyone’s weakness. This shake is highly recommended for chocolate lovers as it had loads of chocolate syrup and Ferrero Rocher. The best part about Canteen Till I Die is that they do not compromise with Ferrero Rocher and according to me it is one of the best shakes at Satya Niketan.


chocolate-mocha-shots-Canteen Till I Die

The 25 Rs mini monster is served in 50 ml mason jar which makes it attractive. These shots are quite chocolaty and delicious.


chandani-chowk-to-china-Canteen Till I Die

One thing sure about this dish is that it wouldn’t disappoint like the movie did.

Very well presented Chinese Bhel with crispy noodles, shredded veggies and chutneys. The dish had variety of flavours in it. So it can be a good starter.!


butter-chicken-toasties-Canteen Till I Die

It is more like those homemade toasties, just butter chicken instead of veggies! Served with mint sauce, it has the typical canteen food taste which to be honest tastes just ok! Nothing great about it. So don’t get excited on seeing butter chicken toasties as although they maybe good, but would not fulfill your expectations.


” They also serve Slow Pressed Juices @125 rupees only which has blend of real fruits and no artifical colours or flavours. They use fresh fruits and when you try them you will get to know the difference and its worth. These juices comes in 4 types which has different mix of fruits which I have not had anywhere else. The one which I ordered was-: “


power-gulp-Canteen Till I Die

A power booster shake which blends the magical flavours of slow pressed Apple , Cucumber, Grapes and Pineapple which was indeed pure and refreshing . This healthy and nutritious drink is a delight to the stomach in this scorching weather. No packed juice beats the freshness of this drink.


Moving on to the Main Course


peri-peri-chicken-pizza-Canteen Till I Die

A treat to pizza lovers would be the delicious and mouth watering Peri Peri Chicken Pizza. With a good size and enough toppings, this juicy and full of flavour pizza can be considered as one of the best in Satya Niketan.


alfredo-pasta-Canteen Till I Die

Pasta lovers wouldn’t say no to mouth watering creamy Alfreado Pasta with Garlic bread. Unlike other places, this rendition of the dish is neither too heavy nor too light. Enough quantity is served to cater one’s requirement.



caramel-mocha-shake-Canteen Till I Die

This Caramel Mocha is fairly sweet and might be considered as desert for some. It features a blend of rich chocolate mocha, milk, whipped cream and caramel syrup drizzle. This makes you count your memories and not your calories!!

As students, we mostly don’t have that deep pockets, however this place not only offers good quality food at an affordable price but also gives vibes of a typical college canteen environment. So if you want to hangout with your gang but are not willing to spend much, this is the right place for you.

Canteen Till I Die
Written By Shradha Oberoi
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