Winter Menu – Dhaba By Claridges Saket

Get your furry clothes out; the chills have come, hey hey! Winters have just begun. Winter is the season of comfort and good food. There are numerous food items we get in our head just by name winter, well I can see you imagining ‘gajar ka halwa’ and “sarso da’ saag”. Well DHABA BY CLARIDGES SAKET don’t want you to miss the best of winter special veggies and have come along with the special customized “winter menu”

Winter Menu - Dhaba By Claridges Saket
Winter Menu – Dhaba By Claridges Saket

Winter menu is all about food that you imagine to have only in winters, this menu will run for 3 long months in every outlet of theirs.

The excitement in you must have boosted up by hearing about the winter menu, and we are as excited as you to tell you about all the dishes you get in this,


Starting with the food,

In STARTERS, we had


Winter Menu - Dhaba By Claridges Saket

I was never a fan of kathal before but after tasting these kathal cutlets minced with home ground spices I have developed a love for this. These were so nicely made having a really soft texture and tasted delish.



Winter Menu - Dhaba By Claridges Saket

Bater, basically called quails is one of my must haves in this season and this bater masala actually stoop up to my expectation and I went on eating 3 whole pieces of it. It was very nicely made plus that tandoori flavor in bater gave it a whole new avatar.


And in drinks,


It was a tangy flavored signature cocktail basically called tharra which comes in cute pahua bottles having that chatkara masala favor making you drool over it.


Winter Menu - Dhaba By Claridges Saket

A basic cocktail it was.

Coming to the MAIN COURSE, we had,


Winter Menu - Dhaba By Claridges Saket

Winter and sarso ka saag have always had a special kind of connection and is on everyone’s must have list. The sarso ka saag tasted mouthwatering, plus when you get extra butter and gud (jaggery) along with it how can you just give it a miss.



Winter Menu - Dhaba By Claridges Saket


Methi is one of the basic veggie we get to eat in this season but the chef wanted us to taste something new and brought in methi murgh. Well methi murgh just don’t sound different but tastes too, it is a full flavored savory which will just make you eat more of it.



Winter Menu - Dhaba By Claridges Saket

Rather than Punjabi kadhi you will get to taste a different Punjabi chicken kadhi, which had the taste of Punjabi kadhi and when mixed with tandoori chicken gave a divine flavor. It was my personal favorite and was a well seasoned and flavored dish.



Winter Menu - Dhaba By Claridges Saket

Minced mutton cooked with fresh green peas, onion, tomato and homemade spices. You’ll get to get a little low spiced dish which is perfect to balance your overall meal.



Winter Menu - Dhaba By Claridges Saket

Ah so many healthy veggies given all new faces and everything so perfect, who have thought saag and mutton, could go so well with each other but hey! Dhaba by claridges loves to surprise you and this dish was no less than a good surprise. It is a palatable, toothsome dish having so new flavors and winter feels.


Butt waittt, my favorite part of lunch is left. Yessss it’s time for desserts,

We got moong daal halwa and gajar ka halwa, and I still can’t get over these two. The desi ghee making it utterly delicious and well! Extra ghee calories don’t count when it comes to desserts.

Winter Menu - Dhaba By Claridges Saket

Winter Menu - Dhaba By Claridges Saket 

It was overall a great experience; btw what are you waiting for? Go and have this winter special dishes soon. 


Winter Menu – Dhaba By Claridges Saket
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