Experience – RBG Park inn By Radisson

RBG park inn Radisson is one of the most lavish places to go out to have scrumptious food.

The restaurant is very well curated with classic wooden decors and some masterpiece detailing. The restaurant is very peaceful and calm, one can take their family to this restaurant to have a really good family time in this peaceful and refreshing environment.

RBG Park inn Radisson | Experience & Review | Saadidilli

RBG Park inn Radisson | Experience & Review | Saadidilli

The moment I stepped in, I was taken aback by the positive calm vibes, we rarely come across restaurant like these in Delhi now.

RBG Park inn Radisson | Experience & Review | Saadidilli

RBG Park inn Radisson | Experience & Review | Saadidilli

The staff was very welcoming and addressed us with a smiling face and not only the staff but the chef too was very welcoming and helpful, he introduced us to the menu and Also helped us in placing order as RBG offers wide variety of dishes and different cuisines to choose from.

Coming to the food,

We started with,

Virgin Sangria

RBG Park inn Radisson | Experience & Review | Saadidilli

Perfect drink to start our meal with,

Followed by,


RBG Park inn Radisson | Experience & Review | Saadidilli

A vegetarian salad with mix of iceberg lettuce, garlic croutons and more flavours added by parmesan cheese tossed in Caesar dressing. It was an appetising salad with everything blend in so beautifully plus Being a non vegetarian, I never ordered a vegetarian salad but this will surely make you fall in love with it. I actually went up eating whole alone *yum* *yum*.



RBG Park inn Radisson | Experience & Review | Saadidilli

A Thai tangy lemongrass, galangai and kaffir lime soup with flavours of chilli and coriander which was perfectly cooked leaving you in a complete wow. It was a tangy soup enriched with lots of vegetables tasting absolute delish.


RBG Park inn Radisson | Experience & Review | Saadidilli

We don’t really differentiate between chicken tikka of different places because we usually find it same but here, chef wants you to have some tadka in tikkas by adding the flavours of cheese with burned garlic and peri-peri chicken.

The chicken was tender, juicy and delicious.

In drinks, we had,


RBG Park inn Radisson | Experience & Review | Saadidilli

A perfect refreshing shooters with vodka,Tequila, cranberry juice and lemon juice.


A cool combination of Tequila, vodka ,white rum, gin, blue Curacao , lemon juice and lemonade. A perfect drink but a bit strong.

Continuing with the starters,

Next was,


RBG Park inn Radisson | Experience & Review | Saadidilli

We got beautiful platter having three different toppings garlic bread which looked scrumptious, *yum* *yum*

The first one is with the minced chicken topping mixed with onions to enhance the taste. I personally loved this one, plus it was crunchy yet soft and delish.

The second one had mixed tomato onion cheese mash which was crunchy, refreshing and will surely add a punch to your meal.

The third one had hummus topping an ah! Hummus and breads never fail to impress with its flavours when experimented together.

Ah! We were so full by this time but when we were just about to take some rest before moving to our lunch, there came our

Colourful DIMSUMS

RBG Park inn Radisson | Experience & Review | Saadidilli

Is there anyone else who fall in love with food like me? Well if yes, then hi5 and if no, then get ready to fall in love with the presentation of this beautiful dimsum.

We got two types of dimsums

The yellow coloured is chicken and prawn SUI MAI, it had a mixture of prawn and chicken blended perfectly with light flavours and were very delicate and tasty.

The white one is SPINACH, CORN and MUSHROOM dimsums,

I never thought I will like spinach dimsums but these were amazing or maybe corn and mushroom just added more flavours to it. It was toothsome and a bit healthy too.

And finally we ended with our starters and headed towards our main course (with a short break in between of course)

In main course we had,


RBG Park inn Radisson | Experience & Review | Saadidilli

In this we got, pan seared sole which was served with mushroom risotto and Shimla chilli sauce, The fish was well-prepared and was very flavourful plus risotto and Shimla chilli sauce combination with sole was gold. It was a perfect main course with good quantity serving two.

with this we complete our main course

And jumping to my favourite part i.e. dessert we had


RBG Park inn Radisson | Experience & Review | Saadidilli

It was a lucky day as I got my most favourite dessert here, yes molten chocolateee. The molten chocolate was divine, it was baked to perfection with lots and lots of chocolate filling. I am surely going to visit here especially for this.

And ah! We are done with our complete meal. It was a fantastic lavishing experience. We loved the food and the service, even the chef’s cooperation was tremendous as he explained us about their menu and dishes. Overall this place is a must visit plus they offer assorted cuisines. We are done with our visit and make sure you also include this in your ‘must go’ list.


 RBG Park inn Radisson
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