Fastrack Reflex : Smart and stylish Fitness Tracker

Fastrack was launched in 1998 and became an independent urban youth brand in 2005. Since then, it has carved a niche for itself with watches and sunglasses that are refreshingly different and affordable. It has always come up with the new things which is superb yet affordable, hence, this is the reason why it has today successfully notched up the title of being the most loved youth fashion brand in the country…  Fastrack Reflex

Fastrack understands the need of the youth, it understands that the youth of today are independent, brazen, edgy and tech savvy and to cater to the needs of these millennial, Fastrack has launched ‘Reflex’, the brands first offering in the smart wearable segment.

 Fastrack Reflex: Smart and stylish Fitness Tracker | Saadidilli |

 Fastrack Reflex: Smart and stylish Fitness Tracker | Saadidilli |

FASTRACK REFLEX is a smart fitness band with amazing and cool features.

The band is made up of good quality rubber and is a composite material of two colors. The band comes in three amazing colors which is very comfortable and looks ultra cool while wearing and can be summed up with the daily outfits easily.It consists of IP X6 water resistant and would also survive few water droplets and your sweat, so you don’t need to worry about the band while running or going out with it in hot weather.

The band consist of OLED display, which can be switched on and off in one finger touch on the top and shows different features like calories count, steps count, distance and battery life too.

 Fastrack Reflex: Smart and stylish Fitness Tracker | Saadidilli |

It also shows the notifies you when you recieve calls or texts on your phone. I usually keep my mobile phone in sillent mode or don’t use it while eating and sometimes miss my important messages and calls but with ultra cool feature of ‘call and messages notifiction’ , reflex doesn’t let me miss my important calls and texts.

 Fastrack Reflex: Smart and stylish Fitness Tracker | Saadidilli |

It  is fairly accurate and enables me to keep track of my activity for the day, calories consumed and stores up to 15 days of exercise data memory, how cool is this? It even notifies me when I have been stationary for long intervals, so that the body can be energetic throughout the day.

I am a very lasy person but with this fitness band, I have actually started keeping a track on my diet and calories count.

 Fastrack Reflex: Smart and stylish Fitness Tracker | Saadidilli |

now coming to the charging part, it is very easy to charge it as you just need to detach the dial and put it into any USB charging slot be it in power bank or your laptops, It gets charge only in 60 minutes and reserves power upto 10 days.

I personally loves this feature because we already have so many things to charge like our power banks, mobile phone etc and then getting one more gadget which needs to be charge daily becomes very hectic and we tend to loose interest in that gadget but this will surely don’t let you get of it.

I am loving this band as it may seem a little bulky but is very light and comes with all these amazing features.

fastrack reflex is also affordable and is priced at Rs1995 and is compatible with iOS & Android. It is definitely a good buy for new-age millennial who desire the next step in the combination of quirky design and smart features.

I would surely suggest you to go for this if you are looking for a trendy power packed fitness tracker from a relaible brand.

 Fastrack Reflex
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