Food Joints In Dilli Haat You Should Not Miss.

Food Joints Dilli Haat … If you have landed in the Capital City of the country, then you should make time to visit Dilli Haat. This is where you get to witness the rich cultural heritage of India. One gets to taste various regional food and truly tasting authentic dishes of different states.

It can get really difficult to choose what is best out of the several options to eat. Here we bring the list of best food stalls you can try in Dilli Haat and enjoy lip smacking food.

Bijoli Grill
bijoli-grill Food Joints Dilli Haat
Food Joints Dilli Haat

This West Bengal food stall is famous for their fish curry and kosha mangsho. At Bijoli Grill you can enjoy the authentic Bengali dishes and desserts. This tiny outdoor seating food joint in Dilli Haat serves great original tasting Bengali dishes at a very affordable price.

Fish Roll, Fish Orley, Prawn Cutlet, Kosha Mangsho, Kassa maas tastes amazing. Radhaballabhi, the urad dal stuffed pooris along with Niramish Alu Dom is a must try.

They have great menu for their special desserts – Rasogulla, Gur Rasogulla, Rajbhog, Sandesh, Malpua and much more.


Momo Mia

momo-mia Food Joints Dilli Haat

If you are a momo person and have been craving for a plate of hot momos, then Momo Mia – food stall no. 6 is where you should try for the most delicious momos in the whole of South Delhi.

They have some of the best North Eastern cuisines. You should also try their Thupkas and Fruit Beer; delicious.


Nagaland Kitchen

nagaland-kitchen Food Joints Dilli Haat

If you love extra spicy food, then the Nagaland food stall is your place. They serve the best raja mirchi, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, fried rice and many more North East food.

They use the most spiciest chilli ever grown in India.

They also serve delicious momos – veg momo, pork momo, chicken momo. They also have excellent fish side dishes along with rice.


Manipur Food Stall

manipur-food-stall Food Joints Dilli Haat

Manipur food stall is the most popular and one of the most visited stall in Dilli Haat. This place is not just famous amongst Dilli Haat visitors, but also amongst all the North-East people residing in the city.

They are famous for the non-vegetarian dishes they serve. Manipuri Singju Salad, Fried Rice, Ngou Thon, Tarai Tong, Fruit Beer are some of the must try items here.


Rajasthan Food Stall

rajasthan-food-stall Food Joints Dilli Haat

The Paayz Kachori (Onion Kachori) is the most famous items that is ordered here. This deep fried kachori stuffed with onions, Rajasthan spices, smashed with dal and chillies introduces the amazing taste of Rajasthan. The tangy mint and saunth-tamarind chutney makes a perfect combination along with Pyaaz Kachori.

Jalebi fried in pure Desi Ghee is another speciality in this food stall. Golden in color, crisp to bite and dipped in perfectly sweetened sugar syrup is a must try here.



darbar-e-awadh Food Joints Dilli Haat

Darbar-e-Awadh is one place where you can enjoy juicy and tender kebabs. This Uttar Pradesh’s food stall serves various types of Kebab – Tunde Kebab, Kakori Kebab, Galauti kebab, Tangri kebab and Shammi kebabs. Their kebabs are soft and melts easily in mouth.

They also serve some of the best Lucknawi food – Lucknawi Biryani, Mutton Handi Biryani, Lucknowi Chicken Masala and Chicken Korma.

For desserts, try from their special Awadhi desserts. Phirni and Kheer are must try.



maharashtra-food-stall Food Joints Dilli Haat

Maharashtra’s cuisines are mostly vegan recipes. Their vegetarian food are made in lot of varieties and are known for using loads of chillies.

One can try their spicy delicious Vada Pao, Dabheli, Pao Bhaji, Sabudana Vadam, Sev Puri, Thali-Peeth, Kohlapuri Dhapata, and more. The Mumbai-Pao they serve gives the feel of the authenticity.

Try Kokum Sharbet under the beverages section.

Puran Poli, Vada Pao and Shrikhand, together make an awesome combination.


The Assam Stall

the-assam-stall Food Joints Dilli Haat

The Assam Stall has a very different food menu. They serve a lot of dishes from the Assamese regions.

One authentic Assam taste to sample is their Fish Thali and Chicken Thali. Non-vegetarians are sure to enjoy at this stall. The dishes are packed in their true and rich flavours.

You should not miss their Luchi Bhaji and Narikol Pitha.


Anantha – Kerala Food Stall

anantha-kerala-food-stall Food Joints Dilli Haat

Kerala cuisines are something which everyone crave for all over the country. The taste is such. The simple food like Idli-Sambar, Dosa-Coconut Chutney, Kerala Fish Fry tastes delicious and is more tempting.


Andhra Pradesh Stall
andhra-pradesh-food-stall Food Joints Dilli Haat
Food Joints Dilli Haat

You will be amazed by the menu in this stall, so many popular dishes. Every name is famous across the country. Dum Hyderabadi Biriyani (in Mutton, Chicken, Veg) is a must at this stall. The tangy Mirch-ka-Salan, Bagae Baigan, Chicken Changezi are also must order, else you are missing something worthwhile.

Double-Ka-Meetha is a very unique dessert which you should try along with the hot spicy food.


 Food Joints Dilli Haat
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