5 Cities A Foodie Should Visit

Food is the taste of life. For some of us it’s not a necessity but an addiction. Food is much like travelling where instead of exploring new places we treat our taste buds to never before tried dishes and flavors. Food is one such thing that tempts all our senses with an aroma, which tickles our nose a visual treat for eyes. If you are a true food lover we have foodies bucket list that you shouldn’t miss at all.

  1. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


A heaven on earth for a non-vegetarian, the city of Kebabs will welcome you warmly with a mouth-watering plate of Lucknow’s Biriyani. The best destination to taste Mughlai food and eat the way royal Nawabs has been eating since decades.


  1. Kolkata, West Bengal

kolkata -Foodies Bucket List

Have a sweet tooth? Head to Kolkata as soon as possible. From Mishti doi to Rosogolla you will easily give into the temptations. But that’s not all, which Kolkata has to offer. Bengali’s take their food seriously. You will get lip smacking Fish curries with rice.


  1. Amritsar, Punjab
amritsar - Foodies Bucket List
Foodies Bucket List

Get the taste of total Desi Dhabha. Amritsar is famous for their Amritsari Kulcha with chole. In fact once you taste the Paranthe made by the locals here its highly possible you might not like any other for the rest of your life. End you meal having Gajar Ka Halwa or Phirni. Your Tummy will definitely thank you.


  1. Gantok, Sikkim

sikkim - Foodies Bucket List

From the east of our country comes a completely unique set of flavors that will make you drool. The best momos are available here. You will witness dishes like pork curry and pork roast. One has to dru the specialty that is Thukpa it’s a noodle soup meal with vegetable and chicken pieces.


  1. Jaipur, Rajasthan

rajasthan Foodies Bucket List

The land of royals, you will be treated like one. If you eat the authentic food there. You will be served in a brass plate with lot of dishes from Pyaz kachori to their ever-famous Daal Bhati. The spicy and tangy taste will stay on your tongue long after.


Foodies Bucket List
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