Brewpubs In Gurgaon To Experience

Craft brewery providing fresh beer in your locale, what more can you ask for on a nice Sunday afternoon with sumptuous snacks and a good atmosphere. Here are a few micro-breweries in Gurgaon to check out… Fresh Brewed Beer Gurgaon .

Fresh Brewed Beer Gurgaon

  1. Vapour, Mega City Mall, MG Road.

This place has been around for quite some time providing us with various fresh brews and delicious food. Most enjoyable of the four brews are the Dark Beer; heavier than the rest with a characteristic aftertaste, and the Premium Beer which a perfect brew being light, frothy and fresh! Pigs in a blanket and the Cesar Salad are quite the attraction considering starters including their tasteful chicken wings. Occupying an entire section on the top floor. Downstairs includes café-esque seating appreciated by someone who enjoys a quiet afternoon drink. The nightclub resides in a spacious indoor room with a large dancefloor. The rooftop section presents with the DJ playing your favourite rock music, great ambience under the starry night along with a pleasant breeze to keep you going.


  1. Manhattan Craft Brewery, Global Foyer, Golf Course Road.

Inspired by a timeless German brewery, captivating you as you enter the expansive copper brew house with lustrous cylinders brewing your fresh flavours of beer, ready to be had. It would be fair to call the smooth German Wheat Beer their signature. Multiple screens ganging up to make one big screen for your favourite cricket and football matches! The balance screens remain for you to challenge your friends in motion-sensor games. Plush aesthetics and ambience liven you up along with chicken appetisers or Humus with Pita Bread for a light snack, and if you’re hungry for something more, order the Galauti Kebabs which match the ones you get at Rajender Da Dhaba in Delhi. Not only that, the cuisine options are plentiful including German, Continental, American, Indian, Italian and Lebanese. Enjoy ‘beer on tap’ along with live music and DJ with genres ranging from pop to rock.


  1. Striker Pub and Brewery, Global Foyer, Golf Course Road.

In the same mall as Manhattan, it contrasts being more party centric to keep you on your feet with upbeat music and live gigs. The industrial furbishing transports you to a world of rock ‘n’ roll. A specific type of pale lager, the freshly brewed Pilsner is the one to pick and for those cocktail aficionados, enjoy the Mojitos and the Tequila Sunrises amongst others! A well-developed multi-cuisine, impeccable ambience, topping it off with just the best music brings the chic footfall immersed in a pulsating flow.


  1. Hops N Brews, Sector 29.

Bringing the German art of brewing beer to India and the ambience alluring varied age groups; from college students to the working individuals. The fragrant beer maintains quiddity of what a beer should be is unmatched in this micro-brewery with an ambience of Windsor chairs and wooden tables, traditionally English gives the pub a refined feel. Indoors being not too large gives you a great view of the brewing cylinders while you drink your beer. The eating menu goes well with beer for it being light. Enjoy their dark beer and tasteful Honey Chilli Potatoes among other foods.


  1. Downtown, Sector 29.

Unwind, relish in the craft beer, cocktails and a wholesome meal with a spirited atmosphere at Downtown in Sector 29. Wooden furniture gives a medieval tavern-like feel to the place. The two storied pub provides you with a great craft beer and tasteful music. And if you’re in the mood for swinging your arms delving into a virtual experience, pick up the X-box Kinect remotes and challenge your peers to a bowling or a boxing match! Dahi kebabs, craft beer and nachos are a delight to have here.


  1. Howzatt, Galaxy Hotel, Sector 15.

This lively and exciting pub is India’s first ever cricket themed micro-brewery. For all you cricket enthusiasts, have a ball at this place with allure of the cricket fever, hallmark of brewed beverages. Intoxicating décor topped off by live DJ playing a variety of music ranging from House, Hip-Hop and Lounge. Craft beer (such as the dark beer ‘Bouncer’ the famous pale wheat beer ‘Googly’) aside, there are top-drawer single malts and signature vodkas available amongst various tasteful cocktails with names references cricket terminology. This captivating establishment is bound not to disappoint its frequenters.


Fresh Brewed Beer Gurgaon
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