What You Shouldn’t Wear In Goa!  


Kick out the summers for a healthy dose of fun and the sun. Tight your seat belts and head towards Goa, where the shacks are setting up to pour you some pleasurable time…. Goa Travel Tips

But wait…stay away from that socially awkward act confers when going by the sunny shorelines, and you merely want to capture these moments for a lifetime. Here are some suggestions on what you shouldn’t wear in Goa –

Goa Travel Tips | What You Shouldn’t Wear In Goa!  Saadidilli
Goa Travel Tips


No Underpants Please!

Since underpants are not intended for swimming for the reason that it seems to be awkward for the people around. Particularly in the pool, you need to be in a swimwear as its microfibers clog the filters.


High Heels, A Big No!

Leaving heels at home, much to your relief as you can’t torture them by making a step forward in the sand with that pencil heels. If you can’t do, settle up with a sensible pair of wedges.

Avoid An Evil Makeup!

Keep an elegant look unless you don’t want to look like a raccoon. Stay away from the excessive makeup as the water and humidity will ruin it. In this way, keep it basic and light.


Leather, Leave It Behind!

Have you ever imagine dressing up in a leather jacket on a sunny day? It makes you feel sticky sweat-soaked, so never ever take leather dresses down the beach.


Closed Shoes, Keep It Away!

Walking on the beach with closed shoes fills sand into it. There is absolutely no reason to wear closed shoes unless you’re not there to attend a wedding, a conference or a funeral.


Socks, Not At all!

Sand naturally exfoliates your feet; let them get the care they deserve.


Oil, Don’t Put In Plenty!

Body oil makes the pool filthy. Enjoy the massage at the spa then get a shower before getting into the pool or if you chose to relax in the sun, be prepared to be roasted.


Transparent or Ill-fitted Swimwear, An Obvious No-No!

If you don’t want to exhibit your private parts to the entire world, ensure everything is tucked and tight and doesn’t go sheer when wet.


No Hair-dryers, Hair-gels, and Hair-dos!

Let your hair passes through the wind as it looks sexy. Try not to tie them in a styling, will be ruined in the humidity and the water too. Else, you can use a hair band.


Accessory, Reconsider Again!

Since chunky accessories look good but too many will close to be uncomfortable sooner or later. Also, avoid the expensive ones as it might a risk of losing it to the sand.


Goa is a place for being casual and joyful. Be a chic, not a fashion enthusiast.

Goa Travel Tips


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