Goli Vada Pav – Uttam Nagar

Vada Pav is gradually becoming the king of street foods and ruling all over India now. It has become universally favourite as You can just eat it for any meal of the day and have a full stomach plus It is really healthy, it has carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and is so mouth-watering, Goli Vada Pav. 

All my friend know about my never ending love for vada pavs and While one day one of my friends told me about GOLI vada pav no.1 and asked me to give it a try. The best part is that you can easily find them near you as Goli vada pav no.1 is such a big chain serving amazing vada pavs all over.

We visited the outlet located at uttam nagar.




It’s a small shop with vada pav pictures all over the walls making you drool over them even more with few staffs and tables laid outside the shop to eat.

We started off with the vada pav’s

Well they have really good varieties of vada pav’s and have spicy and non-spicy sections too, how cool right?

We started with the maharaja vada pav

maharaja pada voa - Goli Vada Pav - Uttam Nagar

I just ordered it by seeing its name; it was really tasty and was not so spicy, they were served in great packings and tomato ketchup. The pavs were good, and the tikki was crunchy and cooked with less oil, containing potatoes and peas. It was tasty and very filling.

What made me happy was that they have not limit their menu to vada pavs but serve wraps, nuggets and desserts too.

I asked them to help me with wraps and they asked me to taste paneer wrap

paneer-wrap-Goli Vada Pav - Uttam Nagar

What a wrap, so fresh and so yummy. The colour was so good and was not that oily. The size of the paneer was really large, perfectly cutted and made going perfect with the mayo and other sauces stuffed inside. It was really flavourful but a bit spicy.


I then ordered the other two vada pavs namely,

Makkai palak

makkai-palak-Goli Vada Pav - Uttam Nagar

This was again from the non-spicy section. It was something really new; I have never had this variety of vada pav. This was really tasty, flavourful and hygienic.


Aloo tikki

aloo-tikki-Goli Vada Pav - Uttam Nagar

It was from the spicy section, it was tasty but hell lot of chilly. The tikki was nicely made and was full of soft potatoes.

What I missed in all the vada pavs was the chilli and chutney as I believe these two makes a vada pav complete.

The vada pavs were really filling and if was not able to eat more, at last I ordered my dessert which named,


Crispy cool bites

crispy-bites-Goli Vada Pav - Uttam Nagar

The dessert was really awesome; it looked so beautiful with the ice cream having hot churos chunks and hot chocolate over it. Every bit of this dish was so delicious; I just couldn’t stop eating it, a recommendable thing.

The shop is great but they need to work more on their pavs. It was a good experience though.


Goli Vada Pav
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