How To Check Instagram Analytics

As I said there are so many websites / Tolls are available to help you see the Analytics easily. Here is the one I have found  tried and satisfied with the results

How? I have tried on my personal page so that I can analyze better as I know everything about my own page at least 😀

Lets begin and see the stats of my account @Singh__guru

  • Open any browser and visit
  • On The very first page you will see the option “sign in with instagram”click on this and enter your username & password then click on login
  • Then on the next step you have to click on “Authorize
  • Now enter your email id, first name, last name and click on SAVE1234

Now we are ready to go … as soon as you click on save, it will automatically start collecting data for your Instagram account

Here comes the option where you can check stats for any account – click on the add option – select @account report enter the username for the account you want to see the stats – click Add – Now wait till your report is being generated


So now we have report ready lets start analyzing … here you get three options Audience, Engagement & Optimization. Lets see all one by one


Followers Information

Followers Information


In this option you can see the full followers report about the Instagram account. You can also select the time duration for which you wanted to see the results. After that you can also choose to see the reports by daily, weekly or monthly as per your requirement

Growth Of Total Followers / Gained and Lost Followers

Growth Of Total Followers : Gained and Lost Followers 

Scroll down a little bit and in another graph you can see the number of followers gained and lost during a selected time range

Gender Of Followers / Countries Of Followers / Cities Of Followers

Gender Of Followers : Countries Of Followers : Cities Of Followers

Then you have a slide, which shows you the details about gender of followers. Then next you can see distribution of countries of followers during a selected time range … you can also see this data for cities.

Save / Download Report

Download Reposrt

You also have an option to download all the reports in PDF or PPT presentation


Number Of Posts

  Number Of Pots

In this option you can see the total number of posts published during a selected time range … few other important data like total posts, total likes. Total comments, average like per post & average comment per post


Source Of Engagement

 Source Of Engagement 

In this slide you can see the source of engagement on your account… in simple language you can see whether all the engagement on your account is being created by your own followers or by the other users on Instagram.

Top Posts By Engagement Rate

Top Posts By Engagement Rate 

Here you can see the posts sorted by engagement rate during the selected time range



Best Time To Post

Best Time To Post

Shows the time of day & the days of the week when your audience has been interacting during a selected time range. The darkest red is the best time for you to post

Top Tabs By Interaction

Top Tags By Interaction

Check Out, what are your high interaction tags and keep tagging those in future

People love to showoff that they are so popular and famous. But if that’s fake its for very short time…

Don’t be tempted to buy followers. They will not give you anything and one day you will be caught.

Easy to buy hard to get rid of

There are so many other options available in this analytics report keep exploring and Share your feedback / query in comments below

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How To Check Instagram Analytics

As I said there are so many websites / Tolls are available...
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