How to Quickly Gain Followers on Instagram

So you also want to gain followers fast? Everybody who joins Instagram talks about followers only… but don’t want to put an effort for the same


Let me tell you it’s not that tough task to gain followers on Instagram provided you know how. Few things keep in mind and see the difference

  • Set up an account, with a specific theme or purpose in mind.
  • Start taking beautiful, funny & interesting photographs
  • Learn how to tag them Correctly.


Apart From these we have to learn some tricks, which can help your followership to grow fast … Follow These steps and get famous.


Start Liking Photos

  • This is one of the best ways for you to gain quick followers. Start liking photos as many as possible so that more people come to know about your account and hopefully the one who aren’t following you will now start following you


  • Search for people, photos and places you are interested in by using hash tags. For example, if you want to see pictures of the Taj Mahal, in search option go on tags tab and type #Taj Or #Tajmahal. And then start liking as many photos as possible.


  • And if you want lots of followers quickly … just search for the most popular tags, such as #followme #Follow4follow or #like4like Now repeat the process scroll down to as many as pictures you can and like them …then try this with multiple tags, till you have liked about 400 – 500 pictures… I know I am sounding weird but if you do this everyday I am sure number of your followers will grow fast.



Start Commenting

After liking pictures now you should also start commenting on them

Commenting on People’s pictures gives more of a personal touch … and makes people follow you

I agree its quite tough to comment on all the pictures you like but do try commenting on as many as possible … you don’t have to write long lines… simple “nice pic” or “wonderful” will work. However, a personal comment is more effective…flattery will get you everywhere.


Add Comments or Questions On Your Photos

As we all know Instagram is about 90% pictures, but don’t forget the importance of words … Put funny, clever or unique captions. Try to ask question in caption, it’s a great way to engage more people to your post and will result in gaining few followers


Don’t write long captions … people are lazy will not read the whole story, so keep it simple


Post Regularly  

This is very important to understand that no one on instagram likes to follow someone who never posts any photos. So be active and post regularly


Try to post 2 – 4 photos a day.. Which will keep your audience engaged.

Don’t post any picture just for the sake of posting try to capture beautiful or unique pictures


Don’t post too many pictures and make sure you post 1 picture at a time … because most of the people don’t like if you clog up their feeds, posting too many pictures can annoy them and they might unfollow you … which I am sure you wont like


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How to Quickly Gain Followers on Instagram

So you also want to gain followers fast? Everybody who joins Instagram...
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