How To Use TagsForLikes App

As an instagramer what all do we want? Fame and Following !! If you also have the same aim then keep reading this article.

First step to get lots of likes and followers is to master the art of Hashtags, once you have got that, you will gain more likes, more followers and more engagement. Now here is how to do that.. Start using this simple app called “TagsForLikes.” It allows you to search and save popular groupings of hashtags that make sense to put under photos that fit a certain theme.

Lets start with step-by-step guide on How To Use TagsForLikes App

  • Download “TagsForLikes” to your mobile device on iPhone or Android.
  • Open the app and you will be in the Categories page.


Search for the category you are looking for … For example I am looking for “pizza”, I found nothing & decided to broaden my search by searching “Food” and got the results.


When you get the results for the category, tap on it. Then it will take you to a page where you will see related hashtags.


Now Tap on “Copy Tags” to copy it on your clipboard. Now simply exit the app – open your instagram – select picture – paste all the hashtags

  • You can also create your own customized hashtag grouping by tapping – Custom – New Custom – Now tap on to the “text” (new Custom) and edit the category name, which in this case is “pizza”
  • Once you have changed the name, add the hashtags (you can copy from any categories screen) or write your own that can relate to your subject
  • Then Tap Save


Now whenever you want to use hashtags from this app on your instagram account … you just have to open up the group and tap “Copy Tags” Then go back to instgram app and simply paste

Important: always try to keep your tags related to the content. That maximizes your chances of more likes and new followers

Tip: My personal suggestion, if you can please avoid using hashtags in caption of your post. It makes it easier for the people to read out the text with interest. Post all the hashtags as a comment.

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