Ladies Night in Hauz Khas Village – Not Banned

The Delhi police has dismissed media reports stating that the police had banned or was planning to ban ladies’ nights at the Hauz Khas Village. Such reports emerged after a twitter thread by a girl came to light, in which she described at attempted kidnapping and molestation case near the Hauz Khas Village- the road going towards Aurobindo marg, to be precise. She described how a group of men were apparently going to kidnap a girl, who was heading towards the village with a drunk male companion. Thankfully for the girl, she ran up to the men and threatened to call the cops. They ran off only after they saw this girl had male companions and after she attemted to record a video.

Shortly after, reports emerged of an imminent ban on ladies’ night at the famed HKV, which was understandably criticized by people. As mentioned, the police refuted any such claims.

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However, Ishwar Singh, DCP (south) explained that there was going to be additional security cover in the village area, owing to threats of a terror attack targeting foreigners who frequent the village. Additionally, he added that the police had spoken to officials from the excise department to ensure that only licensed restaurants were operational, and that alcohol would not be served to people below the legal age of 25. The traffic police was also instructed to conduct stringent checks at the exit of HKV, to curb drunk-driving.

It isn’t all that gloomy then, after all!

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