Lama Kitchen – Hauz Khas Village – New Delhi

Lama Kitchen Hauz Khas Village

Monsoon has begun in Delhi and Hauz khas is the perfect place to visit and enjoy this weather. While enjoying this weather and roaming around, we saw a fine dining restaurant named LAMA KITCHEN, a Himalayan cuisine restaurant in Hauz khas village. We wanted to try this place as it seemed new, and when it comes to trying new cuisine then why not?

The restaurant is at 50, Hauz khas, 2nd floor getting an advantage of the magnificent view of Hauz khas fort… The décor was basic, simple and nicely arranged. The wooden chairs and tables sat still under dim light. The lanterns and Tibetan prayer flags added just the right color to the ambience. Himalayan portraits and sculptures gave the perfect look of Nepal providing a soothing and peaceful environment.


Lama Kitchen
Lama Kitchen

Lama Kitchen

Lama Kitchen

The Nepali folk music which was a mix of soft instrumental saga and Buddhist chants made the place peaceful enough to bring your tedious day to a calm ending. The staff is also quite welcoming.

As soon as we were seated, the manager and the waiter came with the menu.

The restaurant offers pretty wide menu with Bhutanese, Tibetan and Nepalese cuisine.

We got really mixed up with the dishes as the names were quite different but I like the idea that the dish was explained below to give a brief to the customers. We took the help of the manager for deciding the dishes.

We started with the vegetarian dish first as we wanted to know, what these cuisines offer for a vegetarian,

Within 15minutes our first dish came,

Named Lama’s veg platter

 veg-platter-Lama Kitchen

The dish was served in ancient old house utensil keeping the presentation simple yet beautiful with an edible beetroot flower in middle. It contained four sections, first was aloo sadeko– boiled tossed potatoes with tomatoes, then comes the Tibetan bun which was really soft and reminds us of Nepalese street food, then was wai wai sadeko,raw noodles given a chatkara taste like bhel puri, quite interesting and very crisp! And the last section was the Bhuteko chana which was stir fried chana in Nepali spices. Trust me, every portion we had gave such a new taste which was so delicious that we were mesmerized with the taste of the food.


Then comes our next dish, named Newari basket,

newari-basket-Lama Kitchen

The name was so new that we couldn’t guess what’s coming? When we saw the dish we were curious to know and taste it. Even this dish was divided in certain portions. We were offered Sukuti ka achar which was dry buff meat sautéed in nepali spices, Phokso -which was mutton stir fried with onions tomatoes and nepali spices, Kokra tarako deep fried chicken in Himalayan spices, Bhuteko channa, and the last section was Beaten rice (chiura) which in Delhi is called poha. After tasting this platter, we felt short of words to express how delightful and gratifying this dish was. I have never eaten such a platter which offers such a wide variety of non vegetarian dishes in one plate. The mutton was so thinly sliced and properly cooked, the chicken was so juicy and crunchy, and the buff was cooked nicely and evenly in Nepali spices giving it some new taste. This dish is the hero of this restaurant. A must have dish.


The entity is yet to receive its liquor license, so we ordered non-alcoholic drinks

Chocolate Shake

thumbnail_chocolate-shake-Lama Kitchen

Chocolate shake was good but not worth the price at all. I liked the presentation of the drink, but the taste was not up to the mark. That wow factor was missing. I could feel the chocolate powder in my mouth which was quite upsetting.

Lemon-iced Tea

thumbnail_lemon-iced-tea-Lama Kitchen

Lemon-iced tea was refreshing. It was a usual ice tea with nothing extra ordinary. Lama’s need to improve their drinks. We were so impressed with their food but the drinks disappointed us. They should introduce some fun drinks and mocktails!

Then we ordered


Lama Kitchen

And we were given momos with five different fillings, they have a nice variety that you name it and they have it; momos was our second favorite dish. We were given potato, mix veg, chicken, mutton and buff momos. Surprised? Even we were surprised to see the so many different options. I personally have never thought of eating potato momos but let me tell you each and every momo was unique, juicy and yummy..

Our next dish

Datchi Mix Veg.

thumbnail_datchi-mix-veg-Lama Kitchen

The restaurant had many interesting dishes, which gives you the anxiety

That what’s coming? So this was an interesting vegetarian dish, as interesting the name is as classy and tasty the dish was. White cheese sauce mixed with vegetable and served with Tibetan bun. What a combo, what an innovation! This was so Rich and Creamy… overall an amazing dish!

Then came our next dish,

Maccha fried.

macha-fried-Lama Kitchen

The name itself tells us that it is related to fish. And we were served with fresh king fried fish. It was batter fried in mustard oil. It was perfectly done with the crunchy coating of spices. We could feel the freshness of the fish.

And my lunch can never go without desert.

They had very less variety in desert though, so going for something new we ordered


thumbnail_yomari-Lama Kitchen
Lama Kitchen

Yomari was a steamed rice dumpling filled with nutella and cold chocolate inside. Even with minimal decoration on the platter it looked delicious. However when we tried it the outer covering was a bit hard but the delicious filling totally made up for it.

With this we completed our lunch.

The staff is quite slow and you have to wait a little for your dish to come. We really liked the food quality and quantity. We had a great experience. Thinking about the lama’s food still makes my mouth water!

Lama Kitchen Hauz Khas Village
Written By Rashmi Tiwari
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