Maal Mela – Hauz Khas Social

Maal Mela Hauz Khas Social 

Social offline, Hauz khas is known for its surprises, be it innovation in food, music, different themes or throwing best of the party nights, but hey! There’s more, they’re launching their very own line of merch *cheers* called #Maal that was up for grabs at the Maal Mela this Saturday, 5 November.


They unveiled its merchandise range #maal by social with a #maalmela. I could see such amazing stuffs put on loot at such minimal prices, I specially felled for the pahua and banta bottles, they were just so cute and how can I forget about the old black vintage suitcase, aah! Everything was so amazing. Maal i.e., the things put on for loot was available at all social outlets across India. #maalmela was such a fun event, plus Delhi’s whether being nice that day making it even better and enjoyable.

Maal Mela Hauz Khas Social

Maal Mela Hauz Khas Social

Maal Mela Hauz Khas Social

Maal Mela Hauz Khas Social
Maal Mela Hauz Khas Social

One could actually let go all of their tensions with a sip of beer and playing fun games like ‘ring the maal’ and ‘hit the bull’s eye’, all those party positive vibes was making it even better, And well I got lucky in games by hitting the bulls eye and winning a complimentary vodka shot *yaya*.


The mela witnessed large number audience and great loot of maal. I still can’t get over the chills of the day as meeting people with same interest, talking about winning the games and prizes with beer was an awesome deal and waittt…How can the mela be complete without FOOD.


We started off with the complimentary vodka shot which I won *lucky me*, which was a must have thing. It was basically gol gappa Pani Vodka mixed shot and was very tasty.


Coming to the food,

We started with

Paneer tikka

A crispy soft mix of paneer tossed with delicious spices and tandoori flavour making it very appetizing and juicy.

Chicken tikka


Presented in sizzler Palate, the chicken came in very hot and had a nice orangish colour, nicely tossed and was utterly delicious going perfect with onions and pudina chutney.


Sheet samosas stuffed with sriaja chunda and green apple, which is actually an awesome innovation. It was very crunchy and cheesy, total delish dish, now I understood why it had awesome in its name, tricky attractive name.

The nam noodle bowl

A healthy yummy bowl containing rice noodles, tomatoes, spring onion, cottage cheese and minced mushroom making you go slurp eat slurp! A mind blowing combination of noodles and veggies, though a soup was bit watery but still for the ones who are on diet, this will go great for you.


Coming to the drinks, I ordered

Cosmo explosion

Cosmo is a very soothing drink having vodka, cranberry and candy floss whose explosion is a pleasure to watch.

Trip on the drip

Again a vodka family drink containing peach shannaps, orange juice and cranberry juice. It was a very limy tasty drink and actually sweet not making it too hard to drink.

I was so much into games and looking the exhibition and interacting with people that I actually forgot about main course,

But being a bhukkad, I never skip food *silly me*, though realisation came late, so in main course I ordered,

Aroraji’s Punjabi kadhi

A good heavy platter having steamed rice, Punjabi kadhi papad and salad presented in tiffin boxes making you drool over it more and giving full Punjabi vibes. A perfect fit for king dish with delish flavours.


And coming to desserts, I had,

Chocolate blood bath

Oh my god! I am still smiling while remembering about my condition after having it. It was such a beautiful dish having all the shades of brown chocolates and muffins and a scoop of ice cream doing a job of cherry on cake. It was very heavy dessert but never had something like this before ever. Just give it a try and you are surely going to thank for the recommendation later. For now on, even if I had to skip main course to eat this I will anyways do that surely. A Must have it is.


The event went great, plus having fun, food games and drinks all together what else will anyone want? #maalmela was surely a treat to attend.



Maal Mela Hauz Khas Social  


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