Masterclass With Chef Dinesh Patel at Radisson Blu Agra 15th February

The Masterclass with an international acclaimed show Master Chef Season India Season 5, was hosted by Dinesh Patel at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Agra, evoking all the olfactory organs and mid-week culinary blues.

Mr. Paritosh Ladhani, executive director at Radisson Blu Agra welcomed the chef and guest Dinesh patel. Mr Ladhani hails from a business background which happens to be the biggest bottler of Coca Cola in India. His family has been on the top for last 20 years and this constant supremacy led him to venture in other businesses like hospitality.

Mr Dinesh, who has a background in law always had a passion for baking and followed his heart. The Masterchef India was a platform that gave him a reason to connect with his roots and embark upon the journey in the culinary world. “Dessert King” what he is popularly called as, he presented a two-course meal that included a non-vegetarian starter and scrumptious dessert for the media and the guests present. He named his starter “Agra Petha Savoury Salad” and dessert as “Shahi Tukra Summer Pudding”, and accorded well to the city’s name.

The talented chef Mr Dinesh claimed to seek inspiration from his grandmother that grew his enthusiasm and love for cooking. Throughout the event, Dinesh kept the demonstration interactive and shared tips for all his dishes.

Masterclass Chef Dinesh Patel Radisson Blu Agra
Agra Petha Savoury Salad and Shahi Tukra Summer Pudding

When interviewed, he said, “I feel extremely thrilled to be a part of the master class hosted by the gorgeous Radisson Blu hotel in the beautiful city of Agra. It’s always an amazing feeling to meet new people and cook for them. I’m so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to share my love of cooking and food with so many more people through this master class.”

Speaking on the event Mr Ladhani said,”It has been a wonderful experience hosting the talented Dinesh Patel and his Masterclass at Radisson Blu Agra. We are very proud of our food heritage in Agra, and who better than Dinesh Patel to embark on this culinary journey with us. I am very grateful to our guests who took out time to be a part of this mid-week culinary getaway.”

Chef Dinesh made sure the event was successful and shared his unique techniques and guidance to the audience. The level of excitement and delightful food with good ambience at the Radisson Blu hotel was a classic treat for all those who witnessed it.


Masterclass Chef Dinesh Patel Radisson Blu Agra
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