Olive kitchen & Bar, Mehrauli – Summer Menu 2017

Olive kitchen & Bar, Mehrauli is a fine dining restaurant which was always on my bucket list and I can finally mark a tick on it as I recently visited this alluring luxury piece of architecture for tasting its new summer menu. The ambience of the Olive Qutub is beautifully done with the classic wooden chairs, characteristic white walls, pebbled courtyard under the canopy of banyan trees and some brilliant vintage masterpieces adding more luxurious classic touch to it. The ambience is so gorgeous that it will leave you spellbound. Olive surely has a magic spell which can make anyone fall in love with it… Olive Summer Menu 2017

The menu is specially curated by the chef keeping all the summer time elements in vision. The menu is huge with having Mediterranean, Italian and European cuisines divided into non-vegetarian and Vegetarian section.

I started my meal with the welcome drink i.e.


Olive Summer Menu 2017 | Saadidilli

Beat the Delhi’s heat with this Mediterranean cocktail which is a perfect concoction of tequila, martini rosso, hibiscus and lime.

coming to the appetiser , I started with,


Olive Summer Menu 2017 | Saadidilli

A fancy spread of paper thin slices of sous-vide cooked tiger prawn, delicately dressed with ‘leche de Tigre’ and garnished with chilli preserved citrus, pickled purple potato, compressed radish and a puffed baby shrimp cracker. The dish looked gorgeous. It was juicy, scrumptious and totally worth the penny. The idea behind this dish is South America and truly lived up to it.



Olive Summer Menu 2017 | Saadidilli

And here comes another masterpiece, a spread of choco bar of ultra-light liver mousse a roulade of smoked duck breast with pulled duck leg rillettes.The assemble was lovely and the technique was excellent, but the liver was too hard to handle for me. Though the garnishes like Tangy citrus gel, lightly dressed nectarines, summer flowers, fig seed and hazelnut tuile did make up the bitterness of the liver.


Followed by the mains,


Olive Summer Menu 2017 | Saadidilli

A platter of House-fermented barley and honey-glazed fillet of chilean sea bass in a sweet mustard brûlée which was served with caramelised parsnip puree, smoked pumpkin black garlic dust and semi-dried pickled fennel. The presentation was appreciable. This is one of the best fish infused dish I have tasted. The fish was so soft plus the combination of fish, pumpkin and caramelised parsnip puree was gold.



Olive Summer Menu 2017 | Saadidilli  

Braised pork belly in a flavourful white wine stock; pressed to a pave and glazed with kombucha honeyGarnished with skin crackling, orange piccalilli, vanilla mash, pickled baby pear and port wine jus. This simple presented dish tasted luscious. The pork was cooked to perfection.


Followed by,

NZ Lamb Loin and Merguez

Olive Summer Menu 2017 | Saadidilli

Pistachio-crusted lamb loin, cooked on the bone; served with kataifi-wrapped lamb merguez, garnished with creamy parsnip purée, confit potato, braised mustard greens stem and a red wine jus. The overall platter containing the juicy slow cooked lamb just blew my mind

What an scrumptious dish this was, Oh! I still feel like eating this one more time.


Well with this the non vegetarian mains end, but I just couldn’t control myself from tasting the dish from the vegetarian menu as well and so I ordered,


Millet Risotto with Seasonal Wild Mushrooms

Olive Summer Menu 2017 | Saadidilli

One of their signature dishes. Grains like local millet, ancient heirloom black rice and Italian Arborio cooked in porcini stock. Finished off with truffle mushroom paste and served with a selection of sautéed wild mushrooms.

This extremely pleasant looking dish was scrumptious. I can’t tell you how delicious this dish was. Take a bite once and it bounces the spoon back at it. This was the best risotto I have ever had.. ‘Wild mushrooms’ was the hero of the dish. Don’t miss to order this on your visit to Olive Qutub.


The appetizers and the mains were luscious. I can’t stop myself from adoring the fancy presentation of the dishes. The chef, surely has left no stones unturned in making every single dish a masterpiece.


Well, well, it’s time for the desserts now,

In dessert I had, 

Summer Mango Cassata

Olive Summer Menu 2017 | Saadidilli

Oh my! ThisLight mango sabayon laced with slices of frozen almond dacquoise and chunks of fresh mango was an absolute delight to tastebuds. The garnishing of spherified bubble of mango coulis, air-dried mango leather, chili relish and a pine nut crunch made it even better. Olive will make you experience mango in a whole new way or I should better be saying get ready to experience mango cassata the olive way.


Next was,


Baked Valrhona Chocolate Ganache

Olive Summer Menu 2017 | Saadidilli

70% bitter-sweet chocolate baked to a gooey texture ganache with a flourless crust topped with mandarin sorbet, aerated choco cookie, kumquat compote and a cocoa nib tuile. Another excellent balanced dessert.


Tiramisu – Version VII

Olive Summer Menu 2017 | Saadidilli

Anddd let me introduce you to the star of the summer menu, TIRAMISU- version Vll, oh my! What a dessert this was. Trust me you won’t have experience Tiramisu like this before. It was an all new version and transformation of tiramisu. A magnum bar with the classic elements of beaten mascarpone mousse and layered coffee liqueur-soaked finger sponge, encased in an espresso and cocoa butter crust and served with coffee sorbet was bliss. Just one spoon of it is enough to make you fall in love with this beautiful dessert.DON’T MISS THIS.


Ah! Goodbyes are hard and this scrumptious meal made it even harder. I truly had the best summer lunch. Olive is a perfect combination of culture, good food, blissful ambience and excellent service. Visit here to experience the best and an unforgettable Mediterranean delicacies.


 Olive Summer Menu 2017
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