10 Types Of People You will Find On Delhi Metro

If you have travelled in Delhi Metro, then you surely deserve to be honoured with a medal. The metro rail is not scary. But the variety of people you get to see travelling along with you is something you will never get to see anywhere else. Here are few sample cases of people you get to see while you are travelling on the Delhi Metro…People Delhi Metro!!

people-delhi-metro People Delhi Metro
People Delhi Metro
Seat Hunters

The person who just climbed will surely look for vacant seats. If he/she does not find, will look at you expectantly to offer your own seat. If you don’t offer then you are asked to adjust and make few centimetres of free space. They will fit their bum in that tiny space they just made you push.



By luck if you are able to find yourself a seat, then you might also find hard luck to sit all the way by yourself. Your co-traveller sitting right beside you may be great snorers. Such people will fall asleep wherever however as soon as the vehicle begins to move. Seconds later your shoulder will be their head rest. Enjoy!


Phone Users

Their time on metro is for speaking on the phone. They are always heard chatting or literally fighting with girl/boy friends or mothers over their private issues, which are no private now.

They somehow do not mind being overheard at all.


Expressive Readers

Even during the shortest journey, their books come out and pages begin to flip. If they are expressive, then they will scare the hell out of you.

They laugh, blush or even make arrogant faces as they pass through the contents.


Music listeners

Huge head phones, creeping ear plugs and wires, tapping feet, shaking legs, swinging heads, and literally dancing body; they give their music entertainment free for every one present there.

The attitude of these travelers listening to music is as if they have composed it all themselves.

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