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We got a chance to get a sneak peek of brand spanking new Odeon Social, Connaught Place. Social Offline is known for it’s out of the box approach and quirky twist to food. What caught our fancy were the interiors, which was influenced by Back To School theme. Step into the restaurant and everything from old typewriters to rotary dial telephone to wall full of trophies & book shelf, is reminiscent of school days!






Social is known for the modern & unexpected twist to food. We tasted quite a few dishes and will share all the minute details with you–



Super crisp samosa stuffed with cheese & mushrooms served with Sriraja Chunda & Green Chutney. Samosas were so crispy, airy & delicious, one of the favorite food items.

Chinese Bhel


Sev with Chinese twist, tasted crisp & delicious.

Double Grilled Naga Chilli Cheese Toast


When a dish has naga chili in it, you would expect it to be smoking hot , but thankfully it was crisp & moderately spicy.


Chili Chicken


Good old chili chicken with capsicum. Chicken was tender and juicy from the inside and crisp from outside.

Hot Tennessee Chicken Wings


Served with deep fried onion rings , those wings were too sweet for our palate, one of the misses that evening.

Southhall Fish & Chips


Tender, melt-in-your-mouth fish with crisp coating, served with Lehsun Chutney Mayo. That mayo was a winner and added the much needed spiciness to the dish.

Vada Pao Bao & Pulled Tandoori ChickenMakhani Bao


The kind of Bao you will only get at Social. Both were winners, however being a hard core non-vegetarians, pulled tandoori chicken bao received more love from us.

Jalapeno Cheese Nads


Jalapeno & 2 types of cheese balls deep fried with a crisp coating. Served with Sriraja Chunda. Delicious, though we found cheese a bit too sour for our liking.

Fully loaded Nachos Veg


A Good old veg cheese nachos dish, nothing new to it.

China Box (Chili chicken & Chili cottage cheese both)


A good meal in a box , hearty & delicious. Chicken China box comes with a fried egg on the top.

Cottage Cheese & Capsicum Sizzler


Delicious cottage cheese paired with slightly sweet rice & fries.

Butter Chicken Biryani


We did find the name intriguing. The dish was a winner with buttery chicken layered in the bottom of the pan with fragrant rice & crispy onions on the top. Another favorite.

In desserts we had

The Banoffee Cronut


Too Chewy and difficult to cut into it, was more of a miss.

Sticky Toffee pudding


Looked more like a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, another miss.

Chocolate Blood Bath


Most loved dessert !!


Also in cocktails don’t miss Longest Long Island Iced Tea, Game of Sling & Cosmo are highly recommended.

Longest Long Island Iced Tea


Game of Sling




In Mocktails we loved Pink Cream. Spiced Guava & Khus & chili were more of a downer.

Pink Cream. Spiced Guava


Khus & chili

Overall it’s a fun place to hangout with friends

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