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There was a time when I was crazy about North Indian food and used to drool over rich dal makhni and butter chicken, but time changed or I evolved as a foodie and explored other cuisines. And believe me I am really enjoying Asian flavours a lot especially Thai, Korean & Chinese. Pan Asian – restaurant which is famous for its delicious Asian food was on the top of out list and we thought of heading to it without wasting anymore time and Oh Boy that was the best decision we made.





Pan Asian is situated in WelcomeHotel Sheraton Saket. The ambience is quite quaint & calm. We felt relaxed and ready to gorge on delicious food .. The feast started with –

Soy Wrapper Roll with pickled vegetables in Yuzu seasame sauce. It looked and tasted fresh & light ! Sauce had an earthy flavour which paired really nicely with the fresh roll.



Micro Cress Salad with Plum dressing – Really fresh and plum dressing added sweetness to it.



Pomelo Salad – a Thai salad, made of Pomelo fruit, peanuts, chilli, & coconut. Such a beautiful medley of flavours, It had the right balance of sweet, fresh & tangy flavours. None of them over powered each other ! Really refreshing and an amazing palate cleanser.



Gai Takay – A chicken preparation with lemon grass. I found it a bit chewy however it tasted good and hot.



Seven Treasure Mushroom Salad with barbecue Sauce – A treasure of course for mushroom lovers. I was quite delighted to see that they had so much to offer to vegetarians. I absolutely loved it.



Truffle Edamame Dimsums – It had delicate & subdued flavours.



Chicken Siumai Dimsusms – My favorite dismsums in the whole wide world. Chicken was juicy and tender, and tasted delightful !



Cabbage Chicken Dimsums – A dish for those who need gluten free food ! I loved this one ! cabbage was soft and tasted delicious with the chicken filling. I really liked the idea !



Asparagus Tempura Sushi Roll – A twist to the classic sushi ! I haven’t developed a taste for sushi yet, however it was a good dish overall.  Presentation was beautiful and it was served with soy & wasabi sauce.


Then after tasting such a great starter menu we moved on to the main course. Main course had –

Green Curry Fried Rice
– It was absolutely lip smacking ! I have never tasted any such thing before .. it was perfect for my Indian palate which seeks a punch of flavours in any cuisine. The rice was fragrant, appetizing and delicious ..



Mapo Tofu – Tofu in a spicy curry, went quite well with the rice ! Had all the flavours of a delightful Chinese curry.



Stir Fried Greens  



Kung Pao Chicken – The gravy was rich with cashew nuts, chilli, & stir fried chicken.



Last but not the least – Thai Chicken Red Curry . I have had many versions of Thai Red Curry, some failed to impress and some of them have left a mark. This one was a brilliant one, perfect balance of coconut and spices.



We were full by the time desserts were served. But The toffee pudding with vanilla ice-cream had us going back for another bite. It was absolutely delicious !



Lastly Fantasy Platter with cute little miniatures was served with bite sized servings . I loved the cheese cake..



Overall we had a great time at Pan Asian, enjoyed peaceful ambience with some delectable & scrumptious dishes.

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