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Take Off Scarlet … Punjabi Bagh club road will always amaze you with new lounge and clubs. You literally get confuse which one to choose and so while searching we got our hands to this club named TAKE OFF SCARLET (TOS), situated opposite to starbucks and CCD enjoying the glances of many.TOS is actually going to take you with a storm with its exquisite and dim lit interiors with a full bar availability and dance floor.

Take Off Scarlet
Take Off Scarlet

The place is decorated with metal ancient sculptures, dim binge lights and big round fancy light filled tables and sofas. The moment you enter you get that positive enthusiastic energy taking over you.

You could give up all your tensions with the loud music and booze, well for that you could completely give all the credits to DJ.

Then came the cheerful staff with the menu,

As the Delhi’s temperature being so hot and humid these days, I just rushed my eyes through the menu and ordered some summer hydrating mocktails named,

Early Morning Drink

early-morning-drink- Take Off Scarlet

I ordered this drink by its name and realised I make good decisions,*happy me*, well as refreshing the name is how can it taste bad? The drink was perfect summer time drink which was a mix of orange chunks, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice, pineapple juice and soda, making it looks beautiful yet flavourful.

Then came Electric Lemonade

electric-lemonade-Take Off Scarlet

This drink looked gorgeous; it was so electric and soothing to eyes.

It contained lime juice, blue Curacao and topped with lemonade. You will fell in love with this drink once you taste it.

Then came my food,

Well I just ordered vegetarian dishes,

My first dish named, Delhi ke kebab

delhi-ke-kebab-Take Off Scarlet

It was soft, bit salty and sour. I found a very unusual taste in it. The cook needs to work on this as presentation was good but was a waste as didn’t taste well.

Followed by other dishes,

Crispy Lotus Steam Honey Chilly

lotus-steam-Take Off Scarlet

It was a distinctive dish with delicious and heavenly taste. The lotus steam was nicely cooked and was soft with sweet and spicy taste. You need to taste this dish for sure.

Chilly Mushroom

chilly-mushroom-Take Off Scarlet

God made chicken mutton for non-vegetarians and mushroom and paneer for vegetarians. Well god make it right, mushroom is a vegetable for which I can actually skip chicken. This dish was amazing containing the right amount of spices. It was a rich tempting dish.

Well I was so much into eating dishes but then came the manager and requested me to try a drink named,

The Pinch

the-pinch-Take Off Scarlet
Take Off Scarlet

A must have drink; this drink was so different and amazing. It was a mixture of crushed ice, lemon chunks, brown sugar, ginger ale topped with coke. It gives a refreshing sweet and sour taste making it enjoyable and gratifying.

Coming to the other dishes, I then ordered,

Ceasar Salad

It was a well-prepared, well-seasoned dish with luscious taste. It had bread chunks too making it a bit different. Ranch was used nicely and taste of ranch could be felt. I liked the creamy flavour but found the size of cauliflower used bit large creating a mess in plate and creating problem while eating.

Cheese Cigar Roll

cheese-sigarr-Take Off Scarlet

Something which makes you drool just by its looks, it was a divine, it was a like cheese bomb flooding my mouth with squandering molten cheese. With veggies stuffed, this was a total cheesy treat.

Vada Pao

vada-pao-Take Off Scarlet

The mumbaikar dish which is ruling over street food is utterly delicious and mouth-watering. The garlicky and spicy tikki compressed in a pav with mind and mithi chutney making it so yummy and lush.

*I am on diet am on die, I am on diet* but when my sweet dish comes I be like bring it on, having a sweet tooth my craving for desserts never end and it was very well fulfilled by the brownie served with vanilla ice-cream, it was so appetizing and tasteful making my lunch complete.

borwnie-Take Off Scarlet

I even tried hookah there, being a non-hookah lover I actually enjoyed it much. It was huge with lighting pipe making it different.

Dubai commissioner and kiwi flavour hookah is a must try.


I enjoyed a lot; I found the service bit off and slow. They need to work on it. Overall it is an amazing bag lounge for the party animals, a great place to visit with friends to chill.

Take Off Scarlet
Written By Rashmi Tiwar
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