Smaaash Sky Karting & Pitstop Brewpub in Gurgaon

With Laughter is brightest in the place where food is. And bearing in mind the  lightness and brightness of mood, SMAAASH Sky Karting & PitStop BrewPub in gurgaon is the perfect match for those gleeful weekends as well as a perfect savage for the frowzy weekdays… Smaaash Sky Karting Gurgaon |


Smaaash Sky Karting | SMAAASH & PitStop BrewPub in Gurgaon

Smaaash Sky Karting | SMAAASH & PitStop BrewPub in Gurgaon

Smaaash Sky Karting | SMAAASH & PitStop BrewPub in Gurgaon

The place is located near Oysters Beach, sector 29 Gurgaon, which is easily accessible through Huda City Centre metro Station.

The place is perfectly hitting it off with pub in the ground floor and sky Karting area in first floor. This place is perfectly snazzy having Sports bar with live go cart scoring and projectors.

Smaaash Sky Karting | SMAAASH & PitStop BrewPub in Gurgaon

The sports bar gives jaunty vibes with the brewed beer that adds to it as Beer makes everything better. The bar holds out a variety of brewed beer which is in-house made, well,, what can be better than that!


We were served 6 different types of beer in tasting glasses with their names written on it as to first taste everything and then order it as per your preference. ( I honestly loved this concept and all the beer nomads must try this place out)

Smaaash Sky Karting | SMAAASH & PitStop BrewPub in Gurgaon

We personally liked STINGRAY and GALLOWAY the most.

And well, beer doesn’t go without starters, so let’s get started with the food,

In starters, we had,



Smaaash Sky Karting | SMAAASH & PitStop BrewPub in Gurgaon

We got served hot mushrooms with spinach and cheese stuffing tossed with Thai herbs. The mushrooms were very inviting and luscious. One spoon down and it knocks again till it ends. Amazing and well- thought dish.



Smaaash Sky Karting | SMAAASH & PitStop BrewPub in Gurgaon

The chicken were chargrilled to perfection. The chicken was tender, juicy and absolutely delish.



Smaaash Sky Karting | SMAAASH & PitStop BrewPub in Gurgaon

The crust was thin, it was cheesy and crunchy but the taste was a bit bland. Maybe because the above two starters had already set the benchmark and we were expecting this to be close to them.



Oh finally here comes the star dish, tandoori prawns. It was scrumptious. From presentation to its colour to its taste, everything was amazing and drooling. Just loved it!!

And with this I sum up my starters and it’s time for the main course now,

So in main course, I had,


DUM MURGH BADAAMI KORMA – Tantalising chicken served with rich almond gravy this flavorsome dish is worth going nuts for, PANEER TIKKA MASALA- It looked inviting and was very well prepared with the special punjabi masalas, DAL MAKHANI– We were served with small proportions of it with our roti. The dal makhani was divine. It was very well prepared and we already know that the combination of dal makhani with extra ghee and cream is gold, CHICKEN FRIED RICE – The dish may appear to be plane Jane but it is a delectable blend of proteins and carbs ideal for health conscious folks, and all these luscious dishes were complimented with Paranthas – soft, buttery, luscious and ideal companion to any dish as life is better with butter and a little butter never hurts anyone.

 Smaaash Sky Karting | SMAAASH & PitStop BrewPub in Gurgaon

Followed by the delicious dessert which was,



Smaaash Sky Karting | SMAAASH & PitStop BrewPub in Gurgaon

Traditional walnut Brownie served hot with ice cream is equal to heavenly dessert for sweet tooth cravings filled with caramel and nuts in the centre, match made in heaven for caramel lovers as the best things in life are sweet.

P.S. it’s Presentation added more extra caramel points to it.


Ah! The food was delicious and with this out meal also ends here. 

Smaaash Sky Karting and pitStop brewpub is a must visit place. The place is packed with the food that will enlighten your mood and satisfy your cravings with temptingly tasty dishes that are also worth for cheat day’s Binge meal. As we always owe ourselves a teat or two. And with all these food and beer delights it aligned with sky Karting in first floor as who doesn’t love to have some sporty fun as your body is not only a temple, also it’s an amusement park..Enjoy the ride.(wink).


Smaaash Sky Karting
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