Small Plates Week – Featuring DHABA BY CLARIDGES Saket

Hey foodies! I am so excited to share the news of this event called Small Plates Week starting in New Delhi from the 14th through the 23rd of October, featuring over 10 of Delhi’s finest informal dining restaurants. Small Plates Week enables you to discover some of the city’s best restaurants and cuisines through a comprehensive menu of 16 small plates to eat, and keeping up with this trend “dhaba by claridges” has also started off with it.

Though every cuisine is special but when it comes to Punjabi cuisine, we all go week on knees. Punjabi cuisine takes us back to “hinglish feels.”

And to make you enjoy best of Punjabi cuisine dishes fully by making it easy on pocket “DHABA BY CLARIDGES”, saket have come up with Small Plates Week from the 14th through the 23rd of October.

Isn’t this sound amazing? Well you need to hold on! There much more coming your way…

This event allows first-timers as well as repeat diners to try small plates of best of the best dishes at a uniform price of Rs. 1,200++ per diner, excited right?

There’s a fixed small plate menu created by the chef which is further divided into non-vegetarian diners and vegetarian diners.

You get a complete 16 plates for vegetarian and different 16 plates for non-vegetarians, so that the diners don’t have to compromise on the number of dishes.

The food is served in three stages as first you get TAWA platter then TANDOOR and at last PATILA.

You get the following if you go for vegetarian menu,

In starters, you get,

veg-tawa-starters Small Plates Week - Featuring DHABA BY CLARIDGES Saket
Small Plates Week


You get a very tasteful, soft, slow cooked vegetarian version of the famous galouti kebab flavoured with cinnamon and black cardamom. Trust me you would become a huge fan of this dish after eating


While I was clueless about this dish that it would be but once tasted, I couldn’t control myself from eating it all over again and again. It is basically a tandoor roasted baby potatoes shallow fiend and tossed with spices presented with onions and saunth chutney.*perfect dish*


Fresh button mushrooms tossed with onions, tomatoes’ and fresh green spring onions. It was a very light dish and was very palatable.

veg-starters Small Plates Week - Featuring DHABA BY CLARIDGES Saket


Paneer tikka is most probably the most loved starter and this paneer tikka continues to impress you more.


A perfect spiced marinated seekh in with a combination of sweet corn and onions skewered and cooked in tandoor.


This dish is perfect combination of cottage cheese and spinach blended with homemade spices. It reminds you of methi k parathe as it textures like that, a very delicious and perfect seasoned seekh.


In MAIN COURSE, (everything will be served in medium patila) you’ll get,

veg-maincouse Small Plates Week - Featuring DHABA BY CLARIDGES Saket


The tangy creamy tomato gravy with paneer never go wrong in main course, after all, it’s the jaan of every vegetarian main course


While going through this dish’s name, you must be imagining the usual yellowish spiced aloo gobhi, but hey! Dhaba by claridges got a surprise for you by presenting aloo gobhi in all new form by giving it white texture by using onion as base. It is THE BEST aloo gobhi I have personally ever tasted, so new, so creative and so delicious.

Lasooni palak

Fresh palak puree sautéed with garlic and finished with hint of butter, cream and red chillies, this will surely take you back to Punjab’s sarsoo da saag feels.

Mushroom mutter

You get served fresh button mushroom and mutter cooked with spices and onion tomato gravy.

Dal dhaba

How can main course get complete without our very favourite dal? The dal was brilliant; I still can’t get over its aroma and buttery utterly delicious taste.

(You will get dal dhaba in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu)

Tawa veg pulao

Very tasty pulao with diced melange of vegetables tossed with aromatic basmati rice pulao and brown bhuna onion.


Coming to the breads, you’ll get different types for example, laccha paratha, garlic naan, , etc in small size so that you can enjoy all the breads and taste all.(you’ll get same bread in both the menus)


And it’s time for the non-vegetarian menu now,

In starters you’ll get

tawa-starters Small Plates Week - Featuring DHABA BY CLARIDGES Saket

Tawa mutton

Boneless chunks of marinated lamb with onion, tomatoes’ and fresh green chillies

Galouti kebab

This is chef’s special spice infused melting lamb kebab, it was so soft and fir for king dish, finely and perfectly made.

Amritsari fish

Fish given a desi look with gram flour coating in sole fish with prominent flavour of ajwain seeds


kabab-starters - Small Plates Week - Featuring DHABA BY CLARIDGES Saket

Mutton seekh

Perfect soft seekh made with homemade spices to balance the starter and make it light and tasty

Murgh malai tikka

A perfect tandoor boneless chicken marinated with balanced spiced and presented with garam ghee giving it more defined look and taste.

Highway chicken tikka

This tikka is quite spicy because of the red chilli flakes used but balanced and mellow.

In MAIN COURSE, (everything will be served in medium patila with good quantity) you get

nonveg main - Small Plates Week - Featuring DHABA BY CLARIDGES Saket

Rarra ghost

Rarra ghost is a must when it comes to non-vegetarian main course. A perfect blend of mutton and spiced gravy of onion and tomato with home ground spices.

Chitta butter chicken

Have you ever guessed your favourite butter chicken in white gravy? No? Well surprise surprise here you get divine butter chicken cooked in tandoor and finished in creamy onion and yogurt flavoured with kasoori methi

Brain masala

Full-flavoured gravy made in heavy onion gravy giving it perfect texture.

Dhaba chilli chicken

A perfect dhaba style desi Chinese chicken spiced with capsicum

Tawa chicken pulao

Tawa chicken perfectly tossed with aromatic basmati rice pulao and fresh mint and bhuna onion making it beautiful and toothsome


With this your main course gets complete.

And how can your lunch/dinner get complete without dessert? So in dessert too you get served 4 different things i.e. PHIRNI, GULAB JAMUN), BAILEYS KULFI (RECOMMENDED) and RABRI.

rabri - Small Plates Week - Featuring DHABA BY CLARIDGES Saket

phirni - Small Plates Week - Featuring DHABA BY CLARIDGES Saket

gulab-jamun - Small Plates Week - Featuring DHABA BY CLARIDGES Saket

baileys-kulfi - Small Plates Week - Featuring DHABA BY CLARIDGES Saket 

And with this your small plate gets over, what better than this when you get everything in good quantity to eat so that you don’t miss chef’s special dishes and pay less eat more. So, do visit here soon and enjoy SMALL PLATE WEEK.


Small Plates Week – Featuring DHABA BY CLARIDGES Saket
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