Sodabottleopenerwala – Sector 18 – DLF Mall Of India, Noida

SODABOTTLEOPENERWALA, a place which can completely compliment Shahrukh khan’s dialog “naam to suna hi hoga” and I am not bragging on this as this chain is running successfully in nation and one surely must have visited this restaurant or came across its name at least once.

Sodabottleopenerwala is brilliant at its Parsi cuisine. It manages to bring the pure authentic Parsi taste in their food.

Sodabottleopenerwala DLF Mall India Noida | | | Saadidilli | | |
Sodabottleopenerwala DLF Mall india Noida

Sodabottleopenerwala DLF Mall India Noida | | | Saadidilli | | |

I recently visited Sodabottleopenerwala, Sector 18, DLF Mall Of India, Noida, which happened to be there anniversary month and congratulations to them on turning three this year.

Sodabottleopenerwala DLF Mall India Noida | | | Saadidilli | | |

Sodabottleopenerwala DLF Mall India Noida | | | Saadidilli | | |

Before coming to their food, let me introduce you to their décor as it is truly one of the reasons why one must visit this place. The décor is finely done in wooden with different quirky look antique portraits, mirror works, interesting walls packed with Parsi knick-knacks.

Though we were really craving for food at this moment,

We started with drinks,


Sodabottleopenerwala DLF Mall India Noida | | | Saadidilli | | |

I didn’t expect much from the cold coffee as I thought it must be like usual one but the moment I took a sip, I was in some other world , I loved this cold coffee. I don’t know what special they did in it, it tasted divine. Trust me, this is the best cold coffee I ever had, and it can even beat the best of the coffee joints.

P.S. I had it thrice.

Next drink we ordered was,



Sodabottleopenerwala DLF Mall India Noida | | | Saadidilli | | |

This iconic Parsi drink was a blend of frozen raspberry which had sugared tangy fresh taste with beautiful color and healthy ingredients. Though, I found this very tangy but for the ones who like tangy flavor can surely go for this.

Coming to the food now, we ordered


Sodabottleopenerwala DLF Mall India Noida | | | Saadidilli | | |

Lagan nu bhonu is a non vegetarian Parsi thali containing different authentic Parsi starters, main course, and siders.

I liked there service as within 15minutes we got our bhonu. The bhonu was presented in a huge vintage thali with banyan leaf.

The thali contained,

CHUTNEY EEDA NA PATTICE (egg and green chutney vada) contained of mashed patty with mint chutney and boiled egg inside. It was a tempting dish with a new concept but wasn’t up to the mark as I found the flavors flat in taste plus egg and mint didn’t compliment the patty at all, MACCHI NU CUTLET (fish cutlet) softest fish cutlet I ever had, the cutlet is filled with fish which is shredded finely to create this brilliant dish, it surely made up for an amazing starter.

The starters were complimented with main course which had, GOS NO SAS, which is mutton curry in white coconut and almond gravy prepared beautifully with well done tender mutton pieces.

Accompanied by MASALA NI DAAR (dal), it was a plain yellow daal with special butter tadka. I didn’t know butter can do this wonder to a simple daal. It looked like ghar ki desi daal but one sip is enough to make you rethink. Ah! I totally loved it, and KACHUMBAR, mix vegetable.

The thali was perfectly balanced with ROTLI (roti) and CHICHKEN PULAO, The rice with the huge pieces of chicken and scrumptious blend of flavors is something that I can have again & again.

And how can I forget SARIA PAPAD and the two chutney i.e. VENGNA NU ACHAR and LAGAN NU ACHAR, which were tomato chutney and nimbu chutney which totally summed up my plate, I went crazy over these. They looked extremely inviting and tasted delicious; all three complemented the thali perfectly.


Coming to the desserts,

We had,


Sodabottleopenerwala DLF Mall India Noida | | | Saadidilli | | |

I was expecting a lot from this dish but it didn’t turn out that good. The cake was soft but brandy sauce didn’t go along well.


Sodabottleopenerwala DLF Mall India Noida | | | Saadidilli | | |

I am not a strawberry fan but this simple dessert made me love it. It was basically whipped strawberry Cream but tasted luscious. Sometimes simple things can do wonders and this surely did.

With this our lagan nu bhonu ended here. Lagan nu bhonu for me was a different experience with food with whole new flavorful dishes, drinks and desserts.

It was definitely an overwhelming experience; though only a Parsi Food Enthusiast can appreciate it. So if Parsi cuisine is on the mind then this funky restaurant can’t be missed.


Sodabottleopenerwala DLF Mall India Noida
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