Taco Bell Epicuria, Nehru Place, New Delhi

Taco Bell Nehru Place, New Delhi

Life is a nacho. It can be yummy-crunchy or squishy-yucky. It just depends on how long it takes for you to start eating It.”, like seriously how true this saying is, well nachos over everything.

I have been waiting since so long to taste some different tacos unlike the usual ones with cheese on the top and to my luck I finally found that place, named TACO BELL, situated at none other than the most loved place of foodies’ i.e.at epicuria mall.

Taco bell is a modern contemporary state-of-the-art restaurant having rustic decor with wooden furniture complimenting the interiors in every possible way. We got impressed by the restaurant’s doodling artistic walls, painted and structured by none other than Mr. Qureshi.

taco-bell - Taco Bell Nehru Place, Epicuria New Delhi
Taco Bell Nehru Place

tacobell - Taco Bell Nehru Place, Epicuria New Delhi

taco-bell - Taco Bell Nehru Place, Epicuria New Delhi

The QSR policy, i.e., providing customers with food very fast with keeping the prices very competitive is their USP

I had all the monkeys jumping inside my stomach so we headed towards the counter for ordering where we learnt about their customise orders, i.e., you can get your order customize as the way you wanted it to,*WOAHH* how impressive this feature is.

They had a really quick service and within 5-6minutes I got my first dish named,

Loaded nachos (Mexican chicken)

loaded-nachos-mexican-chicken-Taco Bell Nehru Place, Epicuria New Delhi

The dish was nicely presented in a hygienic way in their special tissue. We were served with Crispy tacos with loaded cheese & chicken tossed in keema gravy and vegetables. The vegetables were fresh and tacos were so thin and crispy leaving us in complete awe. A very new flavourful dish.

They offer three dips namely guacamole which was greenish and tastes so different and refreshing giving a mint taste, the second one was samacream which was a white whipped cream enhancing the taste of the tacos and last one was salsa.


Hard shake with Jack Daniel

hard-shake-with-jack-daniel-Taco Bell Nehru Place, Epicuria New Delhi

This was such a toothy and killer drink, it is a mixture of milkshake, vanilla ice cream, honey and whisky making it full-flavoured and so delicious; oh god! I just couldn’t get enough of this, a top-notch drink. Highly recommended.


Followed by the other dishes,

Soft & crunchy taco

soft-crunchy-taco-Taco Bell Nehru Place, Epicuria New Delhi

It was served in a basket bowl covered very nicely in tissue, i just loved their presentation. This basket contained two tacos,

Soft taco – the outer shell of the taco was soft with fiery chicken and vegetables toppings inside. It was a tasteful dish but the quantity of the chicken filling was less as more of the vegetables could be felt.

Chalupa taco –this taco had a crunchy hard shell with chicken pieces inside tossed in salsa, fiery sauce, fresh tomatoes and chopped cauliflower making it more zestful, it was so delish that you couldn’t resist yourself from having all of it.


Naked burrito (fajita chicken)

Naked burrito (fajita chicken)-Taco Bell Nehru Place, Epicuria New Delhi

This dish looked so beautiful, all dressed with fresh vegetables like tomatoes, onions, big cauliflower leaves, and jalapeños having chicken rice at the bottom. It just doesn’t only look beautiful but tasted appetizing too. The pieces of the chicken were kept big tossed in thick keema gravy served with three dips at the top presented very nicely. On and all the rice beneath dollops of veggies, sauces, chicken turned out to be a palatable dish

And our drink were finished by this time and we were so wowed by their drinks that we ordered two more, named,


Vodka kahlua

vodka-kahlua-Taco Bell Nehru Place, Epicuria New Delhi

Presented in an old steel huge glass, it was a light drink with vanilla and milkshake. Milkshake was balancing the sourness’ of vodka very well. This was totally a thirst quencher drink.


Vanilla jagermeister

vanilla-jagermeister-Taco Bell Nehru Place, Epicuria New Delhi

A vanilla shakes with honey and alcohol. I didn’t find it worth the price; it was bit bitter in taste. They need to work on this one.

Assorted platter

assorted-platter-Taco Bell Nehru Place, Epicuria New Delhi

It was a huge platter having three sections,

one was of cheesy nachos which was so cheesy and yummy, second one contained 6-7 pieces of crispy chicken, where chicken was fried very well and crispiness was taken care of with even cooked chicken, the last one was of fajita chicken quesadilla, it was a thin cheesy wrap made in form of flat cones, it was really tasty but chicken couldn’t be felt which was a setback and didn’t go well overall.


Desserts are the finishing touch to a wonderful meal, since it will be the last thing you remember before leaving.

And they alas, our dessert was served named,


Chocolate caramel tostadas and vanilla ice cream

chocolate-caramel-tostadas-and-vanilla-ice-cream- Taco Bell Nehru Place
Taco Bell Nehru Place

while serving the dessert, I noticed a wide smile on the face of the waiter though I didn’t get it at first why is he smiling so wide butt when I tasted it I got my answer, the dish was superb, so far one of the best desserts I have had and finals got to know that the waiter was happy because he knew this is the star dish of their restaurant. Chocolate and caramel was harmonizing with the tacos so perfectly. It was a total divine.


It is a sweet casual restaurant with good music. Surely recommended place to chill and have good food at competitive price. 

Taco Bell Nehru Place
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