We often have heard about “chota packet, bada dhamaka” and this casual dining restaurant namely, THE HANGOUT BY 1861, situated at 2, Lower Ground Floor, DLF South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon is proving this quote right in every possible way. It’s a cute little fancy place which looks small just from outside but is total opposite from inside, the moment you step in; you see a huge, fancy classic dining with wooden interior done in beautiful orange and yellow colour. The walls did in red brick style with hangings of musician portraits with soft dim lights give you English country style vibes.

the-hangout-by-1861 - HANGOUT 1861 - THE HANGOUT BY 1861

the-hangout-by-1861 HANGOUT 1861 - THE HANGOUT BY 1861

the-hangout-by-1861 - HANGOUT 1861 - THE HANGOUT BY 1861

The place don’t compromise with the quality and hygiene of food and to prove so, they have even come up with live kitchen which enables you to see your food being cook and enjoy its aroma, and not only this, you’ll get to see sanitizers and fresh mineral water on every table.

 the-hangout-by-1861 - HANGOUT 1861 - THE HANGOUT BY 1861

The moment we started sourcing for food, we get to see a huge menu with Continental; Italian & American cuisine (serves some Indian cuisine dishes too).

Coming on to the starters, we ordered,

Shrimp Popcorn

Shrimp Popcorn - HANGOUT 1861 - THE HANGOUT BY 1861

A beautiful and equally delicious dish this was. Shrimp moulded in popcorn form served with sweet and sour dip and fries was an excellent dish to start meal with. The popcorn were even, juicy and very crunchy, the dip was so thin and perfectly went with popcorns.


Firehouse Wings

 Firehouse wings - HANGOUT 1861 - THE HANGOUT BY 1861

Eight chicken wings coated with the hangout’s special and mouth-watering smoky and spicy sauce. The chicken was soft, tender and juicy evenly sautéed with the spices and BBQ sauce giving it a divine form. A very palatable and tasty dish it is.

New England fish fingers

New England fish fingers - HANGOUT 1861 - THE HANGOUT BY 1861

While we were seeing other dishes, we get to see this inviting dish containing crispy batter fried fish served with tartar sauce. Fish was succulent, soft and subtle with great outer crisp crunchy skin, the duo of softness and crispiness made this a hero dish. The quantity of the dish was really appretiatable and filling.

*how can we head towards main course without trying drinks & soups, here are the ones we tried*

Cream of tomato & basil

Cream of tomato & basil - HANGOUT 1861 - THE HANGOUT BY 1861

The soup was so rich, creamy and tangy; the mixture of tomato tanginess with basil freshness went excellent. Normally we expect a tomato soup to be real sweet but this wasn’t like that, everything was at it place and the cream and basil made this different and perfect greasy, great to go dish.


Sex on the beach

Sex on the beach - HANGOUT 1861 - THE HANGOUT BY 1861

This was Hangout’s special drink with a perfect blend of vodka, cranberry juice, peach schnapps and orange juice presented in a beautiful way. The creative mix of all the juices made this very exotic, classic fruity blend.


Here comes the main course,

*maybe by this time even you would have been fallen in love with the food of this restaurant like we did*


BC bowl (butter chicken)

BC bowl (butter chicken) HANGOUT 1861 - THE HANGOUT BY 1861

How can we forget our Indian cuisine, and to my luck I finally found this our very own favourite main course butter chicken served with plain boiled rice. The chicken was grilled (though it a bit hard) and curry was mild, buttery and perfectly textured. I like the idea of their presentation which makes it easy to eat. When you get Salad, papad and butter chicken curry with rice, what else could I have asked for?


Grilled chicken Harlem

Grilled chicken Harlem

How can we checkout without trying their American cuisine main course, and honestly I ordered this just by seeing a hash tag made in front on it (didn’t know why it had #), we get to see a platter fill up with tender grilled chicken seasoned with special Harlem’s “ soul spices” , served with rice and mashed potatoes ( you can choose among these two but we ordered both rice and potato).it was a rich luscious dish perfectly balanced and well seasoned. The chicken was huge grilled and didn’t only look perfect but tasted too, Kudos to chef for this perfect presentation. A fit for king meal. *now we understand why it had a hash tag*.


Here comes my favourite part of meal and yes you can say I have a constant sweet tooth, or biggest sweet tooth. Nevertheless desserts keep me going, yaya!

Well in desserts we had,


The Hangout’s nutty brownie


Brownie with lots of chopped walnuts served with vanilla ice cream * voila!*, a perfect chocolaty truffle brownie perfectly summed up with other two, Tasted heavenly.


New York cheesecake

New York cheesecake - HANGOUT 1861 - THE HANGOUT BY 1861

It wasn’t like the usual one; it had many rough cheese layering making you awestruck in every bite, a perfect classic cheesecake.


The hangout is a perfect country style full packaged restaurant with perfect food, infrastructure, good soft music and perfect dim lightning to click pictures.

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