Things to do in Paharganj

Paharganj is the place to be for off-beat cafes and bars. It’s crowded lanes house Sam’s café and My Bar where Delhites love to hang! However there’s more to Paharganj than food and drinks. Here’s a list of other fun things to do in Paharganj!


Buy Junk Jewellery

The nooks and crannies of Paharganj are full of stores selling junk jewellery. From earrings to bangles to rings, there’s a huge variety of jewellery for everyone’s tastes in the small stores peppered around the area. What’s more is that they’re real easy on your pocket.


Buy Hippie Clothes

It’s a common sight to notice hipsters hanging around in Paharganj. Both Indians and foriegners alike, if you’re looking for the chill vibe, Paharganj is the place to be. Which is why, it also has shops which sell the uniform of the hippie. At cheap prices, you can buy yourself lose shirts and pants to go with your stoner-like aura!


Get a new bag

Bags are the accessory that complete your look. Whether it is a Leather bag for the business look or a loose cloth bag for the student vibe, you can find your favourite type in paharganj at  amazing prices.


Get your fix of books

Paharganj is known to be a book-lover’s paradise. You can get books, both fresh and pre-owned at extremely cheap prices. At some shops you can buy books by weight. Do check out the famous Jacksons Book shop


Let us know what you go to Paharganj for in the comments below!



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