Tips To Gain More Followers On Instagram

Consider A Theme For Your Account

On any social media platform you will see the accounts with most followers are generally the accounts that follow a particular theme… most of the accounts that post about personal life don’t get much engagement/ followers unless its very interesting. So find a theme which you think will interest more people.


People follow a particular theme because they want to see pictures of things they are genuinely interested in instead of random pictures … so I suggest you to start an instagram account on something you have a passion for anything like, food, travel, fashion, beauty, cars, bikes etc


I am not denying this fact that some accounts are really famous and gaining fast followers just because they post random / cool / weird pictures … but there are very few such accounts.


Pick A Good Username and Profile Pic

You should work on your username and the profile pictures before you decide to start posting … if you pick the relevant username and profile pictures to your theme, its good for your followers they will get to know what to expect from your account before following you

For Example: if your account is about fashion you could use a picture of yourself wearing very fashionable clothes.

Same is with your username – Select a name that is relevant to the pictures you are going to post on your account … try to avoid having many underscores or x’s in there, as it can make your account look like a spam account.


Fill In The Bio Section


This is very important section for you… every person who sees your account for the very first time will read your bio while deciding whether to follow you or not.

Make sure you put the right information about your account, let people know what is your account all about as we have taken an example of “fashion theme” above … so write this is your bio “this account is for all fashion lovers” (Example)

You can also use your bio section to promote/ advertise any of your hashtags


Find Friends To Follow

After setting up your account now you need to find your friends and other users whom you would like to follow


Go to the settings

Tap on “Find People to Follow”

Now you have options to find friends from your Facebook account or from your contacts … so go ahead as it will connect you with people you already know … who are more likely to follow you back.

Many Facebook friends = many Instagram Followers in the beginning itself


Sync Your Instagram Account With Other Social Networks

If you have an account on other social media platform then you should sync it with your Instagram account, this will help you to increase / widen your reach and you might get followers from other networks as well


  • Go to the settings page on your Instagram account
  • Tap on “Linked Accounts”
  • Now you can see the entire social network list you can link up your account with
  • Tap on any social network – enter your username & password – Congratulations – your accounts are now synced!

Note: if you can undo this later on by following these steps

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on “Linked Accounts”
  • Select the platform you want to disconnect – Tap On Unlink


Use Relevant Tags

When I discussed with my friends about instagram tagging, most of them suggested me to use as many tags as possible … though few of them suggested using only relevant tags.


After all the discussions what I believe is, it’s totally up to you for which option you want to opt for… if you are going for the first option then try tagging whatever comes to your mind while seeing the picture you are about to post.


If you are going for the second option then think about the hashtags that are spot-on and relate directly to the picture

For example, if you post a picture of a sunrise, you could say something like “#Beautiful #sunrise and #morning


Use The Most Popular Tags

One of the best ways to get your pictures noticed is by using most popular tags …these are the tags that are constantly trending and will help you to increase your account’s visibility.

Some other top tags include #love, #eyes, #nice, #tbt (Throwback Thursday), #beautiful, #girl, #happy, #me, #picoftheday, #instadaily and #follow.

I have seen so many people use tags that aren’t related to their picture at all but they are using it to get few guarantied extra likes … they use tags like #justinbieber, #Kimkardashian and #onedirection which are very popular in order to get likes and followers

When you keep on using such kind of hashtags which are not related to your post… you might get good likes and few followers – but can also be frowned upon by a lot of people.


Use the TagsForLikes app

I am sure you are thinking how can an app maximize the number of likes on your posts?

TagsForLikes is a very popular app, which identify and allow you to copy and past top 20 – 30 tags that are trending that day

  • To use the TagsForLikes app, download the app, start it up and select “Popular” from the home menu, then choose “Most Popular”. You will be presented with a list of tags that are popular that day and geared specifically towards gaining likes and followers.
  • Copy the list of tags, then open up your Instagram and paste them into the comment box when you’re posting a picture. Within minutes, you should see tons of likes and new followers rolling in!
  • After a couple of hours, you can go back to the TagsForLikes app and select the “2nd Popular” option from the list. This will give you a list of the next most popular list of tags.
  • Copy these and paste them in a comment beneath the original tags on your picture. You probably won’t get as many likes or new followers this time, but you should at least get a few.

You should also consider going back and adding these tags to older photos, giving them a new lease of life!


Create Your Own Hashtag

If you like your account to be little different form other instagram account then create your own hashtag (Should be synced with your username and theme). Use it in every photo you post and try to encourage your followers to use the same in their posts as well

If you’re lucky, and your tag becomes popular then you will get lots of new follows from like-minded people who share the same passion


Geotag Your Pictures


Geotagging your photos means including the location where the picture was taken in the post. Instagram can do this automatically when you enable GPS

Nice idea it might help you to get few followers.

How? If you have taken the picture @ any popular location / Destination and posted on your instagram with Geotagging. Your picture can be viewable by all those people who search that location / destination… this why you might get few followers if they like your account

If you want a lot more people to see your post you can also geotag pictures in general popular location like, New York, Paris, IndiaGate or GateWayOfIndia. This way your post will be viewable by people from across the world whoever searches for the same location


Geotagging also helps to add authenticity to your account, making it more human by emphasizing the fact that you were really there.

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