10 Signs That Indicate You Are a True Delhiite

The ideas and opinions about Delhi and Delhi-ites differ from person to person. It is important for all of us to know why ‘Dilli wale’ are so popular. There are few things that define a typical True Delhiite and they are proud of.

  1. Foodies

Foodies True Delhiite

A large percentage of people are great foodies enjoying their time at the famous restaurants or food joints. Samosas, momos, gol-gappes, chow meen; there are many must indulge food in Delhi. All the food cravings are satisfied in the city, that too at any time you want for.


  1. Irritating Statements

 Irritating statements True Delhiite

There are quite a few statements people often make to interpret the meaning of the words/tags that they don’t somehow approve of.

For example, someone says you are ‘fat’; the instant reaction would be that ‘I belong to a well to do family ’ where there is no shortage of nutritious and delicious food. Does his mean that other person in the conversation is starving and malnourished for a long time!

  1. Dal Makhani and Butter Chicken

 butter chicken True Delhiite

Dal Makhani and Butter Chicken are the staple and the authentic taste of Delhi. When you head out to a typical Delhi restaurant, although you study their menu, you eventually end up with the favourite Dal Makhani and Butter Chicken along with any flat bread.

  1. Do You Know Who I am?

True Delhiite


The common dialogue heard during a pub brawl, road-rage, police encounters, or any similar tiffs is ‘Do you know who I am’. Delhi-wales usually show themselves as influential people with more dialogues like ‘I will see you outside this place’ and even ‘You don’t know what I can do to you’.

  1. Show Off

 showoff True Delhiite

The high end brands make your stylish posh life. Guchchee , Pradha , Fandii , Burburry are your favorites. iPhone6 is your new friend which is always being flauntes.

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