United Coffee House Rewind – Mall of India – Noida

Where the classic gets a new twist with pleasant & delicious surprises … United Coffee House rewind is a fun and casual cafe, from the kitchens of Pre Independent India’s first café & United Group’s flagship restaurant – United Coffee House. United Coffee House, the iconic institution, holding fort since 1942, serves as a prelude to Rewind which is an elegant, smart and more casual avatar of the former.

It brings your childhood memories, a step closer to home if being in NCR, you feel distanced from the legendary institution in Connaught Place. Showcasing the legacy of the legendary United Coffee House, Rewind looks forward to host you for an experiential dining rendezvous at the all-day dining restaurant with the UCH nostalgia and signatures intact.

It is a warm and inviting space where you can linger on with friends or family for hours altogether or dash back to work post a quick, refreshing meal. At Rewind, we create experiences that are based on your memoirs – a place when you connect the past but live the present.


Ambience & Décor

Rewind is a chic and intimate space with a casual and contemporary retro vibe, reminiscent of the bygone era yet wonder in its approach and design values. The Retro Victorian panelling and exposed bricks give primary finishes to the interiors and are interspersed with period graphics and artefacts. A combination of Victorian tiles and wood work make up the floors through Victorian flooring and wood panelling. The Small and Large Sharing Plates on the menu complement the casual feel of seating space at Rewind.

United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida
United Coffee House Rewind

United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida
United Coffee House Rewind

With its bistro-like atmospherics and an open kitchen, Rewind has a welcoming aura that makes it very approachable and non-intimidating to the discerning diner. Both Hindi & English music from the last 70 years period evokes belongingness, nostalgia and sets the tone for your Rewind experience.


In an era where specialty restaurants cater to specific cuisines and sometimes even remote regions, Rewind presents a wide array of close to 400 menu items to choose from. Start with Soup & Salads. Pick from Western or Oriental Soups and move to classic salads loved worldwide. Small Sharing Plates & Large Sharing Plates exhibit a culture that Rewind wants to promote. There’s something for every group and then, for every individual too!  The Large Sharing Plates are for bigger groups and promote group dining and are for those who want to opt for multiple gastronomical experiences at a go.

Appetizers range from Tikkas to Chinese finger food, and include a broad spectrum of dishes that tries to suits multiple cravings. Signatures showcase different stages of your life and present you with a UCH memoir, an experience that is your very own – whether it was when you were a college student or a youngster with a new job, these are dishes that connect you to those days. Signatures also signal the graduation of the new lot to the experience of the elder lot or the patrons of UCH from the 40s 50s and 60s – as they recommend and introduce you to your favourite dishes that will fast become your must haves too. They bring a renewed meaning to‘home food served out of home’.

Rewind, carries forward many a culinary traditional and due to the colonial influences, Savouries section presents delightful British club food with comfort classics from Gymkhana, Cricket Club and others like pies, rolls, cutlets, chops, schnitzels and more. An All day breakfast section with multiple egg preparations, waffles, crepes satiate your cravings at any given point in the day.

Desserts section takes you on a nostalgic trip of all things good– Classic baked Alaska, Brulees, Sundaes, Gulab Bomb, Apple Pie, Cheesecake and the likes. The Beverage section puts forth 50 kinds of tea and coffee blends on offer, a great variety to choose from. The Open Bar rolls out soon as well!

Starters/ Small Sharing Plates

Red Velvet Tikki

Red Velvet Tikki - United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

Made of pea and mashed potato, shallow fried with a tangy twist. Very soft and took extra care to serve it in plate. Served with saunth and mint chutney was a perfect companion for this starter. I would have preferred this tikki as crispier and less colored.


Mac and Cheese Pakoda Filter

Mac and Cheese Pakoda Filter - United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

Served with two different sauces, these pakoras were bigger and yummier too. It was a nice twist to mac and cheese combo by giving it a Delhi Pakora twist. Soft, cheesy and little sweet…apt for a mild on spices starter.

Hare Moong ki Kadak Mangodi

Hare Moong ki Kadak Mangodi United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

This was my favorite. Till date, I had moong mangodi either from Mom’s kitchen or I had it from street food sellers- always hot, crispy and full of patented spices. I was more excited than ever to see mangodi on my table served like sophisticated cheese balls. Topped with chutney and served with raiat, Mangodis had nice mix of grinded Moong as well as whole moong making it crispy from outside, soft from inside. I absolutely loved it.

Lotus stem chips and Water Chestnuts

Lotus stem chips and Water Chestnuts United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

I would have this to munch all through my next visit to UCH..Tasty, crispy, light and one of the best small share plates. With schezwan pepper salt sprinkled, the chips made a nice combination with the thick translucent plum sauce. The bowl full of chips, a good group and lots of conversations…this would be an ideal setup for this unique star. One thing, this is of lotus stem and you gotto have some acceptance to its little sticky texture and a very unique taste. Although, the salt and the sauce make it taste much different!

Amritsari Till wale Aloo

Amritsari Till wale Aloo United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

Well first thing came in my mind after seeing this was…Is that Indian Sushi Roll? Absolutely, indeed looking like sushi, this potato dish was again a nice research work. Shimla potatoes stuffed with cottage cheese, some veggies and dry fruits were exactly looking like sushi rolls. Sesame seeds on the roll and some pomegranate seeds inside, this was served with green chutney. Slightly bland, may because of cheese and potatoes, this could have been more spicy with added flavors.

Chicken Kursi Miyani

Chicken Kursi Miyani United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

As interesting was the name, so was the presentation for this non- vegetarian starter. Also, I had this batter fried chicken for the first time. A batter of flour, chicken and egg yolks…this is little difficult to explain for how was it in texture. Yes, a bit chewy (because of the batter), not spicy and yes a small twist at the center with keema and boiled egg. Served with green chutney and superbly presented in a cart (or was it a kursi?), I liked its presentation more than its taste.

Tawa Bheja Fry

Tawa Bheja Fry United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

God…It was indeed Lamb’s Bheja in that. It was my first attempt on lamb’s brain and it didn’t go that well. Texture was matching with egg yolk whereas the curry tasted like a normal chicken keema curry. Over all I would prefer keema pao over this.


Large Sharing Plates

Chinjabi Non- Veg Platter

Chinjabi Non- Veg Platter United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

Wow…that was huge. Murg tikka, Chilli garlinc fish, drums of heaven, crispy lamb with onions and green chutney…Exactly as the name says…mix of Chinese and Panjabi flavors put together with different meat. A perfect offering for a diverse group of people with different choices of meat and cusins. Pick your taste and just enjoy this Chinjabi Platter.

Mazze Platter

Mazze Platter United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

Google says, “Mazze platter is a variety of Middle eastern appetizers, served with small plate style”. So now I know, small portions of different appetizers that accompany well with drinks or on bar. This one had humus, olive, feta cheese, chicken, fish, lamb and some pita bread…I liked this platter. Indeed a nice bar companion for drinks rather than a normal appetizers.


Banaresi Palak Patte Ki Chat

Banaresi Palak Patte Ki Chat United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

One thing that I had before, exactly with same name…I am happy it was not disappointing. Crisp palak leaves, covered in some batter, added with onions, tomatoes, sev, loads of chutneys and yes…pomegranate seeds. Again, nice presentation in a martini glass with clear walls that show a mix of curd and chutneys and everything.

Bunny Chaos

Bunny Chaos United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

This Durban style Chicken curry served in hollow bread, this was an interesting participant in the menu. The curry is in options of paneer and mutton, also. I felt it was a novel derivative of keema pao. It was a good experience to figure out how to eat this; it was a wall of bread which had contained the curry in it. Hot fresh curry with chunks of chicken, onion and tomato went well with soft bread.

Pao Bhaji Fondue

Pao Bhaji Fondue United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

Indian flavors and presented with a western twist. Bhaji of our own Pao Bhaji served with bread pieces and mint chutney sand onion relish.


Tulsi Malt


As the name says, basil was a new member to this malt. Orange nectar muddled with basil leaves and passion fruit syrup..this was added with ginger ale, soda and ice. Indeed a new experience with all new flavors to combine with. A drink with a nice earthly favors and sophisticated mixing style.

Dakshini Sharbet

Dakshini Sharbet

A drink, served in bronze cup with a brass metal handle. Already impressed me with a unique Indian container with Kokum and mixed lime, topped with mango nectar. Also topped with gun powder masala. I was very refreshing with mango and the masala mix with ice.

Saunth Papad Panna

Saunth Papad Panna United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida

That was indeed Cute. A very cute chini mitti Flask with small handle had this khatta-mittha drink in it. A summer cooler mando pulp, fresh ginger and some boondi dust. Refreshing, sumptuous and nicely contained.


Woah…that was interesting…conical flask containing this drink with a foggy clove smoke emanating from below. It was much fun to watch it on the table. Interesting combination of frozen jamun and red chili, I liked this drink which was less sweet and spicier.

Bubbly Khatta

Imli, ginger and Soda…this trio made it bubbly actually.

Sitara phool aur Pani Puri Mojito
Sitara phool aur Pani Puri Mojito United Coffee House Rewind - Mall of India - Noida
United Coffee House Rewind

With flavor or burnt star anise, with rose and tamarind water, this was looking like LIIT. With crushed ice and soda, I liked the anise stars on the top and the subtle favors in the drink.


United Coffee House Rewind – Mall of India – Noida
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United Coffee House Rewind – Mall of India – Noida

Where the classic gets a new twist with pleasant & delicious surprises … United...
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