Zen Restaurant – Connaught Place Delhi – Review & Experience

Meeting old friends after a gap of 3 long years was so much fun. To relive the memories we planned to visit Zen Restaurant which we passed by numerous times but never ate there. I had heard quite good reviews of the restaurant and all three of us love Chinese food, so that’s where we lunched last Sunday.Zen Restaurant is situated near Rajiv Chowk Metro station. It looks quite old from outside, like most of the old restaurants in CP. From Inside the place looks cosy, a bit dark. It doesn’t have chic & modern décor and gives the impression of old unkempt look.


The first rule of offering water to the customers wasn’t followed there until I waved at a server and asked him to bring it. Also our table didn’t have napkins that I realized only after spilling some water on my jeans; well I am clumsy like that.

Since we three girls met after a long time, a celebratory toast was mandatory. I looked at the wine/cocktails menu, which is quite extensive. I ordered a Cosmopolitan & Kamikaze. For starters I ordered Spring Rolls – chicken, which took a while to reach us. Spring rolls were crispy from outside but the filling was way too bland. It almost tasted like boiled chicken without seasoning. Thank God it was accompanied by Sweet & Sour Sauce which saved the day.Then quickly moving on to the main course we ordered. Zen Special Clay Pot – Chicken, which was lip-smacking-ly delicious! Fried Rice was ordered separately.





Zha Ziang Noodles – Flat noodles topped with minced chicken and sauces. It tasted nothing extra-ordinary, slightly sweet though! To me it looked like everything was thrown in a plate, didn’t get the flavours I was expecting out of it.For my friend’s daughter we ordered a bowl of ice-cream in the beginning and Nepoli Pasta – Penne later. Well pasta tasted as sad as it looks! None of us dared to dig in to it again and finished the lunch with whatever we had ordered before.


Apart from few hits & misses in food, what annoyed me the most was the service. Men with black suits were strolling calmly, avoiding any eye contact with the customers. Everytime I placed an order, I had to stare at them and wave the moment an eye contact was made. This became quite frustrating by the time we finished the lunch. The indifferent attitude of the staff at Zen Restaurant was off-putting and even after paying a hefty bill for not-so-amazing food; we swore not to go back to that restaurant. There is no dearth of good quality Chinese-Thai restaurants in Delhi.

Do you have a favorite Chinese or Thai restaurant in Delhi? Please share with me in the comments below <3





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