Top 10 Scrumptious Food Items to Try When Visiting Golden Temple 

Amritsar is home to the sacred Harminder Sahib or Golden Temple where people from all across the globe come and seek the blessings of Guru Nanak. This city holds a significant history of the India and Pakistan Partition. Since those days Amritsar is keeping alive its every tradition as well as a culture which truly reflects in its food. This city of Punjab is famous for its lip-smacking Punjabi cuisine which involves traditional ways of cooking. 

No wonder, this place is the hub for the best delicacies and if you are traveling to this city of Punjab, you are going to gorge on the best food items and will have the best food experience ever. To drool the palates of true gourmets, here is a list of the top 10 scrumptious food items mentioned below that you need to taste when visiting Golden Temple: 

  • Amritsari Kulcha 

Whenever somebody hears the Kulcha, Amritsar is the city that will come to their minds. This is the famous breakfast dish that is loved by not only Amritsaris but across North India. The Kulcha is a naan that comes in various variations like Aalo Kulcha, Paneer Kulcha, Mix Kulcha, etc. This delicious item is served with spicy Chole along with tamarind and onion chutney. The crispy texture of Kulcha layered with lots of butter is a blast of flavors in your mouth. 

The top places where you can delectable Amritsari Kulcha are Kulcha Land, Bhai Kulwant Singh Kulchian Wale, and Geela Kulcha – Pappi Di Hatti. 

  • Lassi 

Indulging in gooey and thick Lassi is like visiting Italy and not having Italian Pizza. Lassi is a yogurt drink that is basically filled with good bacteria, sugar, and Kesar, and topped with malai. This is the best drink that can beat the heat during the summer season. Also, this drink is known as an ancient smoothie across the globe. Plus, it has Ayurvedic properties and offers a calming effect on your body. 

The best places where you can have tasty Lassi are Ahuja Milk Bhandar, Surhan Singh Milk Bhandar, Gian Chand Lassi, and Bharwan Da Daba. 

  • Guru ka Langar as well as Kada Prasad 

The main reason behind every traveler visiting the holy city of Punjab is to have Guru Ka Langar as well as Kada Prasad at Harminder Sahib. This is prepared in the Golden Temple kitchen. This sacred place serves around 40, 000 people each day. No matter, poor or rich, Golden Temple treats and serves everybody equally. Also, the langar served here is free and prepared fresh. There is unlimited dal, roti, as well as rice served here. The Kada Prasad is served to the devotees which is not only yummy but satisfies your soul. 

To have Guru ka Langar as well as Kada Prasad you need to visit Golden Temple. 

  • Dal Makhani 

This dish is the pride of vegetarians. If there is any dish that can beat Butter Chicken at all costs then it has to be Dal Makhani. This dish is very simple and is prepared using lentils. The history, as well as the legacy of this dish, is intense. Punjabis love Dal Makhani with lots of butter in it and great takda of onions and green chilies. The unknown fact about this dish is that it was prepared initially in Western Punjab by Peshawaris which is now called Pakistan. Over the years, this dish revolutionized and became the main delicacy. 

You can have this dish from places in Amritsar like Kesar da Dhaba, Bharawan da Dhaba, Beera Chicken House, etc. 

  • Nutri Kulcha 

Compared to other Kulcha dishes in Amritsar, Nutri Kulcha is loved equally. The nutritious taste of this dish which is high in protein makes this dish lip-smacking. No wonder, you cannot stop having this dish after gulping down the first bite of Nutri Kulcha. This dish is prepared with soya chunks and lots of ghee. Mostly you will find this dish on the local streets of Amritsar and you can have it at any time of the day. 

The best places to indulge in Nutri Kulcha are Jaan Nutri Kulcha, Ashok Nutri Kulcha, and Sabri Bhatura Shop. 

  • Besan Ladoo as well as Pinni 

If you are coming to Amritsar but missing Besan Ladoo as well as Pinni, it can be regretful. Pinni is known to be Amritsar’s traditional dessert which is prepared with almonds, wheat flour, desi ghee, as well as jaggery. It is consumed mostly during winter to keep you warm and healthy. Also, Atta Pinni is equally popular and is another variety of Pinni. 

Another dessert that is famous and a must-try in Amritsar is Besan Ladoo. This dessert is mouth-watering and fulfilling but you can stop having only one Ladoo. It is prepared with gram flour, cardamon, and other ingredients. 

The best places to have both these desserts are Amritsar Bansal Sweets as well as Kanha Sweets. 

  • Kulfa 

If you are bored of having ice-creams and want to try unique, true, delicate flavors of a dessert, then try having Kulfa. Any true foodie would say yes to gorging on this delectable alternative to ice-creams. This dessert is prepared with phirni and is layered with another almond and pistachio kulfi. Also, it is topped with rabri, gun katira, ice, rose water, as well as faluda. This dessert is soul-satisfying and will make you forget about any other dessert in the world. 

The best place to try Kulfa in Amritsar is A-One Kulfa. 

  • Gajar ka Halwa 

There is always room for some more dessert. Amritsar is filled with a variety of desserts that will leave every foodie spellbound. Gajar Ka Halwa is famous among North Indians. This is prepared with grated carrots, lots of milk, sugar, as well as desi ghee. It is also topped with dry fruits for richness. Gajar ka Halwa can be found in almost every sweet shop in the city. It is one dessert which is served at parties and weddings as well. You won’t regret gaining all the good fats after consuming this dessert in Amritsar. 

No wonder, it is tough to choose the best place to indulge in slightly gooey Gajar ka Halwa but the highly recommended place in the city is Novelty Sweets.

  • Sarson ka Saag and Makki ki Roti 

Visiting Amritsar and not having Sarson ka Saag and Makki ki Roti is equal to committing a crime. This is Punjab’s traditional dish but is mostly available during the winter season. No wonder, this is a wholesome dish that is topped with lots of butter and ghee. Also, people consume it along with jaggery during winter to have the required nutrients. This dish is comforting and offers warmth to the body which is required. In Amritsar, it is available in almost every restaurant and dhaba.  

The best place to have Sarson ka Saag and Makki ki Roti is Bharawan da Dhaba.

  1. Gulab Jamun 

How can we not talk about this all-time favorite dessert? Gulab Jamun is loved by North Indians. This dessert is available all around the year. The small balls dipped in thick sugar syrup are made of milk as well as khoya. No wonder, having one bite hot Gulab Jamun will take you on a ride to heaven. It is gooey and very soul-satisfying. If have a sweet tooth, then this dessert can also be consumed before the main course. 

No wonder, there are many places to have hot-pipping Gulab Jamuns but having it from Ramesh Sharma Sweet Shop is necessary.


There is no doubt about the fact that Amritsar is famous for its culture, heritage, and history but the one thing which makes it the best city in Punjab is its finger-licking food. In terms of its food, this city has impacted people from all over the globe. There are amazing and delectable food options available in the city but the above-mentioned food items are a must-try to get top-notch food experience. Amritsar will make you fall in love with its heavenly food and will make your trip worthwhile.