Twitter Rival, Threads, Is Out: Know the Key Features, Differences, & How To Get Started

Mark Zuckerberg is now trending everywhere with the launch of its Twitter rival, Threads. It’s a brand-new app that works right from your Instagram account. It is designed to engage people in public conversations just like Twitter. There was strong speculation about the app a couple of months back. Suddenly, Mark Zuckerberg dropped it on 5th July as a sibling app to Instagram.

Its launch is going to strongly impact Twitter and Elon Musk. Almost everyone in the tech world knows about their rivalry. Last year, Elon Musk purchased Twitter and made potential changes that didn’t go down well with the users. He imposed several limits and changes that created outrage among users worldwide. Mark Zuckerberg took advantage of it and rolled out Threads to outshine Twitter this year.

It’s reported that over 10 million users have already registered on Threads in just a few hours of the launch. And it comes with better features and enhancements to attract Twitter users.

Let’s quickly take a tour of Threads and know its features, functionalities, and how it work. 

How Does the App Work? Is It Like Twitter or Better Than That?

Threads app is developed by Instagram’s parent company, Meta. It is just like Twitter but with some better features. One can have real-time public conversations and communities can have friendly conversations as per the head of Instagram. However, one must have an Instagram account to signup for this app.

The major differences between Threads and Twitter are:

•          It allows you to import the Instagram followers list to Threads if you want to.

•          If you are a verified Instagram user then you will also be verified on the new app. 

•          It offers a lot of flexibility to users, unlike Twitter. Users can also set their Threads account to be public or private.

•          On Threads, a user has to click the enter button thrice to start a thread, whereas it can be done with a single click on Twitter.

•          Threads rules are similar to Instagram.

•          One can block and control harassing accounts easily

•          To know what’s trending one has to go to the home feed.

How To Join Threads?

•          First of all, login to your existing Instagram account

•          Signup with your Instagram username

•          You can easily create a customizable profile 

•          After that one can follow all their Instagram accounts and port the following ones on Threads

•          While creating a post or so-called ‘Thread’ a user can set the privacy. They can either share with their followers or the public.

•          The app also comes up with new features such as reporting, blocking, unfollowing, restricting profiles, screen readers, AI-generated picture descriptions, etc.

•          It is likely to be compatible with other apps.

How Does Threads Work for Users?

•          While using Threads, you can share posts on Instagram

•          Unlike Twitter, users can publish posts of up to 500 characters.

•          One can also put photos, links, and videos over 5 minutes long

•          Users can also see various posts from other users that they follow on Threads

•          Users can easily control who can ‘mention’ them without any restriction

•          Users can also filter replies to their posts that have inappropriate words.

•          Threads also give users the privilege to unfollow, block, report, and restrict profiles.

•          If you block any account on Instagram it will be blocked automatically on Threads

Can Threads Be Monetized?

As per the company, Meta, it will not be monetized at least for a year. However, it may soon introduce ads on the platform. The best part is that users can use the same Instagram username without worrying a little about it being used by someone else.

Final Thoughts: How To Get Threads App?

If you are convinced about the app and find it better than Twitter then you can easily download it free from PlayStore or App Store. The company has already rolled out the app to over 100 countries and will spread to more in the future.