DO and DON’T’s at Jim Corbett National Park

All Wildlife tours are organized, maintained, governed, managed, and controlled by the forest department of the region. So, while you are thrilled and excited about your entry into the animal zone, it is also your responsibility to abide by the governing rules and not disturb the wildlife. 

The tour of Corbett National Park will be fun and the most memorable one when you are cautious about your surroundings and when you attempt to stay safe from your end.

Here are a few of the strict and must-follow rules of what to do and what not to do while you are exploring the national park.

What to do in Corbett National Park?

Permits – It is a known fact that Corbett Tour needs proper planning and scheduling. Entering Corbett Tiger Reserve needs permission from the concerned authorities. So, get your permit before getting into the tiger zone.

No Littering – Protecting and conserving the national forest is every citizen’s duty. All tourist groups are required to carry a litter bag and bring back their non-biodegradable garbage and waste.

Hire an official registered guide – Exploring the national park with a registered guide is highly suggested as you will get help in spotting wildlife. Thus, you will also be assured of not losing track in the forest.

Maintain distance from wild animals – The national park is the home of the wild animals. Respect the animals and maintain a safe distance from them. Always remember that you have entered their zone.

Switch off music and stereo systems – Corbett is where you should enjoy the wild and natural noise of the jungle. Switch off your music system and listen to the unheard wild noises. This way you will also not disturb the animals.

Wear natural-looking colored clothes – Wear clothes that look and match the natural surroundings of the forest. Select olive, green, khaki, or any dull-colored clothes while on the wildlife tour. 

Drive slowly – Animals have the first right within the national park. Drive slowly and stay alert always so as not to harm or disturb any animal you come across.

Clearance certificate – Obtaining a clearance certificate before you check out from the place of stay within the Tiger Reserve is compulsory. Hence, make sure to switch off fans, lights, and water taps before you leave.

What not to do in Corbett?

No Firearms – Any kind of firearms or weapons are strictly prohibited. So, do not carry any kind of harmful tools while entering the Tiger Reserve.

No Smoking and Lighting – The National Park is a NO SMOKING zone. Also, any kind of fire lighting is strictly prohibited.

No Driving after Sunset – Exploring and staying inside the reserve is banned after sunset. So, do not stay in the reserve after sunset

Limited accessible routes – Follow only the tracks that are allowed for driving and exploring. Driving off the designated routes causes damage to vegetation and wildlife.

Restricted zones – Do not enter the restricted zones as visitors and tourists are not allowed entry.

No blowing horn – Blowing the horn, playing loud music, shouting, and making disturbing noises is strictly banned in the animal zone.

No feeding animals – Feeding animals, and teasing animals will invite heavy penalties.

No Non-veg food – No carrying of non-vegetarian food while entering the reserve area.

Non-transferrable permit – A permit issued to one person is non-transferable to another person. Trying any kind of unfair means will result in severe consequences.


The governing rules for visitors and tourists are made to maintain the delicate balance between humans, wildlife, and nature. Abiding by these rules and regulations is mandatory.