AM PM Café & Bar Rajouri Garden

AMPM as the name suggests is a perfect place to hang out from AM to PM. The place is targeted for the pocket money earners-The school kids, college goers. The décor, ambiance, menu and especially prices of the dishes resonate perfectly with this crowd’s choices. It is spread over two floors, can accommodate close to 100 people gathering at any given point. The food menu is vast and brings to you some of the finest delicacies of the world- Croissants, waffles, salads, soups, finger food, Burgers, Sandwiches, Pizzas, Pastas, Noodles, and Desserts. The sheesha
flavours and cocktails will sweep you off your feet.

Must Have’s (Drinks, Starters, Finger Food & Desserts)-

  1. Paan Mojito- Refreshing white rum base cocktail, taking you through that exquisite Banarasi Paan flavour and leaving you wanting for more.
  2. Morning Sun- This one is for the teatotaler’s. Combination of orange and grenadine with crushed ice giving it that beautiful combination of colours. It was the liveliest drink.
  3. Dilli ki Chaat- Crispy spinach leaves topped with tamarind, curd and mint chutney and sprinkled with Sev. I would call it a Fusion Sev Puri.
  4. Beer Batter Fish- Deep fried fish served with tartar sauce, melts so smoothly in the mouth leaving you in a state of euphoria.
  5. Anti Pasti Platter- Combination of Cheese crackers, marinated olives, spicy peanuts with salami, ham slices compliments the delicious cocktails they have on their menu.
  6. Golden fried prawns- The best prawn’s one can ever relish. The dish was presented beautifully in a basket and served with sweet chilly. Must try for all the sea food lovers.
  7. Peri peri Chicken Pizza- Yummy thin crust pizza topped with spicy chicken pieces, jalapeno, olives, bell peppers with a base of peri peri sauce.
  8. Tangy Button Mushrooms- This one crafted for the daring foodies. Big Button mushrooms were tossed in Schezwan sauce and served with crispy noodles and sweet chilly dip.
  9. Baked New York Cheese Cake- It was a classic dessert, one look at the dish and it will surely take your heart away. The cake was sprinkled with choco flakes and accompanied with blueberry jam and garnished with a Choco Munchy Stick.
  10. Chocolate Mousse- Perfect amalgamation of dark chocolate and whipped cream with a hint of coffee.

The opening of AMPM in Rajouri Garden market, was followed by multiple outlets, fine dines and café’s, making Rajouri Garden the “HKV of West Delhi”.
It is a must visit for all the foodies and even for people who are not in love with food. This place will surely make you fall in love with “Food”.

Keep Eating Peeps!!!