Coworking Spaces in North Goa That Will Amplify Your Productivity & Creativity Tenfold

There were times when you had to choose between having fun in your life or focusing on the work. But not anymore. In the spectacular region of North Goa, you can get to enjoy and simultaneously give some time to your work. No wonder the new norm of working from home has given some liberty and space to the workaholics to allow some fun in their life. 

No matter, if you want serenity, a peaceful getaway, or simply want to have a blast all night, North Goa is the place for you. However, with various changes happening in the corporate world, the region is now becoming the favorite spot for remote workers. It makes everything simple for working people as they can relax by the shore while enjoying a nice cocktail and working on their office work. 

It also gives them a breather and allows them to explore some of the best coworking spaces in North Goa. So, here is the list of best coworking spaces for people who don’t want to compromise on their work and fun: 

•          Clay Café, Anjuna 

This place is known to be an 80-year-old Portuguese villa that is remodeled and gives a very contemporary look of a coworking café. The café looks adorable with its antique furniture. Plus, the intricate details of the café with bright hues and the sound of soothing waves make this place an ideal place for professionals. You can get inspired by its tranquil atmosphere and you will also start enjoying your work more. 

Clay Café is known to have various pricing plans for the first hour you don’t need to pay anything, but for three hours its Rs.249, for a full day its Rs.499, for a week it is Rs.1999, and for a month it is Rs.7999. There are various amenities offered by them like free tea/coffee, free WiFi, scanners/printers, power backup, etc. You can visit Clay Café at House 731, Pinto Heritage Villa, which is near St. Anthony’s Chapel, Anjuna. 

•          Barefoot North Goa, Parra

This is another place that is tropical heaven and is best suited to experience a coworking atmosphere. Barefoot takes you to a nice hill staycation where you can get writing desks as well as the beautiful sounds of nature in the cabin made of wood and big glass windows. The place has wonderful green views that will leave you spellbound. Barefoot North Goa offers every possible facility whenever you need to attend an important conference call. It also offers lips-smacking lunch and nicely brewed tea/coffee. The place also organizes workshops, events, etc. 

Barefoot Café prices start from Rs.500. Also, it offers various amenities like smooth Wi-Fi, proper air conditioning, great food, etc. The place is known to be located at 350, Bokeachi Arradi, Parra. 

•          Babka, Anjuna

Babka is a nugget-sized coworking space that is known to have graffiti on the walls, beautiful flowers in the basket, and a lot more elements. This café will make you remind of the streets of Europe. Also, the place is known to have beautiful furniture and amazing bakers that will make you fall in love with Babka. Whether you are looking for a coworking space or simply want to indulge in good food, this is the place for you.

The price of Babka is Rs.700 for two. Also, it offers various amenities like WiFi, proper seating, air conditioning, etc. This place is located at House No. 1282 Gauwadi, Anjuna

•          Nomad Gao Coworking Space

Nomad Gao is known to be a co-living as well as a coworking space. This place can be a dream location for people who wish to have a nice coworking space while enjoying the local culture of North Goa. The place offers everything under one roof and offers complete comfort. You can get their private rooms or apartments depending on your needs. However, this place can be a perfect coworking space that makes you feel belong and allows you to connect, experience, and work. 

There are many facilities offered by them for free if you opt to stay at Nomad. Otherwise, there are different pricing plans that you can opt for. But the rates start at Rs.1800 for one room. Also, the amenities offered by them are conference rooms, high-speed internet, coffee, and much more. Nomad Gao is located at 483/4, Bounto Wadda, which is behind Chari Garage, Assagao. 

•          Royal Enfield Garage Café, Anjuna

This café can be found on the banks of the amazing and picturesque Baga River. Royal Enfield Garage Café is the best place for travelers and people looking for coworking spaces. The atmosphere of this café is very laid-back and relaxing. You can get to enjoy the vibe of this café with delectable food while working and it also has a well-stocked bar when you want to relax. Also, the café is known to have a great collection of motorcycles from Royal Enfield. 

The prices of Royal Enfield Garage Café start from Rs.1400 for two. Also, the amenities offered by this café involve high-speed internet, a spacious setting, great food, and a lot more. The café is located at House 560, Villa Rodrigues, Arpora, Baga.

•          The Unallome, Morjim

The Unallome is another coworking space that is perfect for a sublime yet amazing holiday. It is newly renovated which makes it nice, and beautiful with the vibe of a tropical garden. The interiors of this place are very rustic and coastal-inspired. Also, the rooms of The Unallome are very airy and highly comfortable. This can be the best coworking space for you. 

The prices of this coworking space vary but its current starting price is Rs.1500. Moreover, the space offers various amenities like WiFi in public areas, a garden, free WiFi in rooms, surfing lessons, and much more. It is located at 1204/C, Kennaikwada, Morjim.

•          Rooftop Coworking, Mandrem 

Another one of the best coworking spaces in North Goa is Rooftop Coworking. As the name suggests, this place has a rooftop which makes everything beautiful and peaceful. The place is known to have rustic and wooden furniture. This gives a very nice look to the whole space. Also, the food served at this place is tempting. The whole vibe of this place will make you enjoy your work and extend your stay. 

The prices of Rooftop Coworking can be known by directly contacting the owner. However, the place offers basic amenities like free WiFi, proper seating, and much more. It is located at H.No. 127, Deulwada, Mandrem. 


North Goa is a place that is meant for everyone whether you are visiting for fun, work, or both. However, with the coworking spaces mentioned above, you can get your work done easily without worrying about sluggish internet or anything else. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to have a nice getaway but doesn’t want to ignore the work, business chats, or meetings, then visiting these coworking spaces in North Goa will help you manage everything while having fun in North Goa.