Is Travelling Solo In India Scary!

At the point when was the last time, you headed out alone to the urban cities of India? Is it safe to say that you were felt like fresh blossom presented to the elements of nature? Or horrified to be journeying alone? In actuality, not much has changed for solo trips that exclusively begin at home with solo adventures.

Most likely, you’ve read about solo traveling in India with countless reasons, particularly for a female, why it is at best or scary with the hundreds of tips to abstain from getting ripped, mugged, touted or groped. So, unlikely, we’re presenting few reasons that India isn’t a scary place to travel, to travel alone, and to travel alone as a female –

Your Perception Is Half Your Experience

You just need to take off courageously minus the scenarios your parents have painted in your head at the earlier age. After a bout of solo travel jitters, you’ll quickly realize that making friends in traveling is easy and helpful at times while overlooking the sudden twitch that can come naturally.

Fear of Strangers

In most countries, people are friendly to solo female travelers, as it is likely in India as well. As people called it unsafe for women, many of them take it upon themselves and treat you in a platonic way while exchanging traveling or life stories.

Always Reminded To Be Safe

While heading out to places, you’ll continually be reminded how risky it can be for lone women, and how unsafe this country is! Even if you’re riding on a bus and someone initiates the conversation, they’ll affectionately chide you not to tell anyone that you’re traveling solo.

You’re Hardly Ever ‘Alone’ Among 1.1 Billion People

You should’ve got a spirit to confront reality. To walk down lonely, you must find out a dark alley, and there is no reason not always to be surrounded by the plenty of people, locals or foreigners as you happen to be at less traveled terrain. 

And sometimes, you find the friendliest of the individuals with a simple interaction that would often turn into a real friendship.

A ‘Women-Only’ Everything

It’s merely a blessing that there are women-only ticketing queues, railways compartments, and bus seats, to run-by-women-only taxi services and home stays, having women-friendly services, gives reassurance that there are places where sleazy men cannot intrude.

Feminists may argue against the odds, but if you’re traveling in a bus predominantly filled by men, it’s comforting to smile at the woman sitting next to you.

Have you ever traveled solo in India? If not then do so!